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On Dec 19th, the non-profit organization, MusicallyFed, led a food distribution drive providing food to over 200 cars in the Los Angeles area! In 2016, MusicallyFed originated with a dedication to reducing unused food waste and providing it to those in need in the area, specifically veterans. In the three days leading up to the 19th, over 68 volunteers worked hard, packaging, organizing, and boxing food supplies. Let’s see what this incredible organization achieved!

Because I’ve worked in the music business for the past 30 years, I decided to see if I could put together a viable program that would repurpose unused backstage catering from concerts and festivals.

Maria Brunner, Founder of MusicallyFed

Now, hundreds in the community are literally ‘MusicallyFed.’

As mentioned, the MusicallyFed team distributed food to over 200 cars, throughout the day at Gallagher Staging & Productions in Southern California. As a result, they handed out over 900 boxes of food, 224 bags of personal essentials, 400 bottles of baby formula, and 600 toys! In addition, they donated 168 boxes of dry goods to Second Harvest Food Bank and 228 boxes to Food Cycle LA. Following the LA event, they lead another food drive in Boulder, Colorado, on December 22nd.

Photographer: Randall Michaelson

MusicallyFed’s work throughout the nation is phenomenal to see. Over the past four years, they have been able to reach out to so many and assist in providing food where it was needed across the nation.

COVID’s effect on music industry workers

When the music industry fell apart due to COVID, MusicallyFed adapted to serve. Unfortunately, those in music are going to be the last to have their industry recover. In an effort to adapt to the needs of our own, they shifted the focus of their work. Now, MusicallyFed works in partnership with Rhino Staging to provide food to our own industry members, who have been at mercy to the pandemic.

Photographer: Ivan Meneses

If you are looking for support, contact MusicallyFed.

As a music or live events industry worker, if you are in need of food, please reach out to MusicallyFed. You can call (480) 951-1882 to learn about their upcoming distribution events or use their email to contact them. If you are one within our community that has fallen on hard times know that you are not alone. MusicallyFed and their work proves just that. With the help of organizations like them, we can look towards a brighter future and a happier music community!

It is inspiring to watch organizations take such initiative in providing support for those struggling in our community. To donate to MusicallyFed and their cause follow this link, you can also find how to volunteer your time here.

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Featured Image Photographer: Randall Michaelson

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