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Excuse me but did someone order dubstep with an extra side of trap on The Menu? Brunchbeatz is at it once again, but this time with a full-on EP. We have “Burnt,” “Toasted,” and “Bizcocho” on the menu for Brunch today. If you need me to explain each item on the menu, I can certainly do so.


A very dangerous dubstep song, you might break your neck. For more information on Bizcocho please click HERE. But to make it simple, Bizcocho is like eating a simmering glizzy on a warm summer day.


If you get something burnt you usually send it back, but that’s not the case with this song. Horns blare out the speakers for the intro with a clock ticking as background noise. The song rises to a jaw-dropping drop with heavy flowing bass. Toss in some more sick basses and leads along with catchy drumlines and you’ve got “Burnt.” This song will make you want to hop in the pit at the local Denny’s.


Another song with a weed reference, “Toasted” blends perfectly in this EP as the lost trap stepbrother. Subtle vocal chops help this song build-up to its eventual climactic destruction. This is some violent ass content when the drop hits. Literal trap music madness will soothe your ear holes as your trap arms control your entire well being. Brunch adds some BRRRRRR to the bass in drop number two but at this point, my belly and future children’s bellies are all full with love.


What is there left to say about Brunchbeatz? He’s handsome, makes good music, can probably cook a mean bean casserole. The guy can do anything he sets his mind to. Watch out for my mans because he’s climbing the ranks as one of the brightest young stars in the scene!

Listen to The Menu EP by Brunch below! Out now on Electric Hawk Records:

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