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The fresh, dewy air on a cool spring morning… The first sip of an ice-cold McDonald’s Sprite… The new chromonicci EP… all almost too good to be true.

The very talented chromonicci just released a 4-track EP, Metropolis2104, on Quality Goods Records, where they exclusively drop quality treats and quality beats. His intentions with the Metropolis2104 EP was to bring a storytelling element into the project. He also uses unique sci-fi inspired sounds and cinematic elements to paint a story for listeners.

“My goal for this project was to combine sci-fi/adventure storytelling with imagery inspiring sounds. With Metropolis2104, I am able to place the listener in my metropolitan mega-city based in the year 2104. These 4 tracks detail a story of high-level government corruption and scientific testing, where a protagonist begins their quest to expose the truth of the government’s unethical practices.”


The story begins with “Matrix,” a very euphoric and bright dance track. The playful neuro-trap beat infused along with instrumental elements really opens the doors for the imagination of where we’re being taken on this Metropolis2104 journey.

As “Matrix” fades out, we begin to enter the dizzying tunnel of the following track, “Escape.” The fluttering drums and glitchy, groovy soundscape make it feel like we’re moving forward to a new chapter – making new discoveries, putting all these thoughts and pieces together into what turns into a dark and heavy realization.

“Protocol94” is turning the page; its inspiring intro brings this feeling that we are on a mission. In addition to the chill trap bass, floaty, cloud-like guitar riffs and city sirens, chromonicci brings very strong cinematic energy to the table. It feels like we’re on our way to fight the bad guy at the end of a bad ass movie and we’re so here for it.

Finally, the title track is a very warm and smooth outro to the EP.

“Metropolis2104” is like the feeling you get in between the last hug from a friend on vacation and being back at home with your dog. You wish the journey didn’t end, but you’re glad you’re going in the right direction. “Metropolis2104” sends you off with the chilling, automated vocals of your train conductor from the year 2104; and then the train doors open as we walk into the next simulation.

At last, let chromonicci take you on a trip and stream his new Metropolis2104 EP here:

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