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There are many ways to fill a Brunchbeatz crepe. You can load your crepe up with veggies, meats, fruits, or many other different ingredients. But Brunchbeatz fills his “Crepe” with a chockful of trap. This heater was released on Excision’s debut record label, Subsidia Records Dusk Vol. 1 alongside the hottest breakout names in the scene such as Ruvlo, Blvk Sheep, Cyber GAkeos, LAYZ, GAWM, Jeanie, Sweet Teeth, Lizzy Jane and so many more talents. “Crepe” is a standout track featuring heavy basslines and trap leads that are sure to please your TRappetite. 

You can enjoy “Crepe” at any time of the day.

Brunch gives us subtle teases of the drop throughout the start of the song up until the buildup. But once that climax gets there… oh man, you are gonna feel it. Waves of trap hit you nonstop as Brunch adds in more elements to the drop as it progresses. Then, the second drop comes in like a damn Mack truck hitting you at 100 MPH. Deep basslines penetrate the eardrums giving a signal that you should snap your neck to this. What’s so unique about every drop is that each line has a different sound for you to experience. Talk about RANGE.

This is definitely a song you could sit and drink mimosas with Excision to.

“Crepe” is just another example of Brunch’s insane ability to reach for the stars with his insane array of trap and dubstep. Even coming hot off his Menu EP released with Electric Hawk Records, Brunch has no plans on stopping his momentum. This is only a stepping stone for him as one of the biggest up and coming names in the bass and trap scene!

Listen to “Crepe” by Brunchbeatz below:

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