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Four years ago, this week, Bonobo dropped his sixth-studio album Migration. The Grammy-nominated album consists of 12 tracks with intricate soundscapes. This album has the ability to hit raw human emotion all while making us want to get up and dance. Migration is an ambient downtempo masterpiece that includes a plethora of drumming, string instruments, moving vocals, and if you’re a hoe for the piano keys.. Game over.

My music has always been entwined with Nostalgia.

Simon Green, Bonobo

We’re all here for the music. You wouldn’t be reading this if that weren’t the truth. Music has the ability to heal as well as take us back to certain moments of our lives. I know I’m not alone when it comes to listening to a certain album or track that brings me back to a time where I heard it live, on a road trip with loved ones, or through a milestone in life. This weeks throwback Thursday with Bonobo takes us back to a moment in time where sweating in large crowds sounds somewhat pleasant and ripping a juul from a stranger was the norm.

It was Electric Forest 2018 and I had just spent an entire day playing in Sherwood Forest. My night was just beginning as I sat next to my sister with a Spicy Pie in one hand and an Oberon in the other. Bonobo had just taken the stage at Sherwood Court with cotton candy sunset skies dripping as the backdrop. He played the entirety of Migration front to back with live instrumentals and vocalists. Every time I stream this album, it takes me back to a time where life seemed simple and we were free.

Stream Migration by Bonobo here:

While this album may not bring the same nostalgia its brought me, its certain to bring tranquility into your life. Pop on some headphones and chase the golden hour with this one. Music is medicine and walks are therapeutic. Put the two together with Migration and you’ve conjured up some real magic.

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