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Earlier this month, Bonobo released his seventh studio album, Fragments. Since 2010, Bonobo has been making strides with his “electronic methods to make non-electronic music” production method. And now, Bonobo has reached a peak in his illustrious career. Fragments allows the listener to dip into a seamless listening experience across 12 tracks traversing across house and lofi elements.

Like all of his other works, Bonobo created Fragments as an experience that unraveled over time. With 5 leading singles, dating all the way back to “Rosewood” released last October, this album has been highly anticipated. With so many singles, 12 tracks, and a week to digest this music, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect on this inventive album.

Our Reflection on Fragments.

Polyghost” opens the album with a lush intro, setting the scene for a swirling and exuberant listening experience. The first half of the album continues on in an easy groove, featuring light vocals and profound yet easy listening beats. This album juxtaposes itself a lot, alternating between high-energy house-inspired tracks and lofi tracks with prolific lyricism and vocals. Hopeful melodies drive while vocals elevate the album to new levels. “Otomo” is a great example of this. Swelling soundscapes pair with alluring vocals before dropping into an easy, flowing beat. Perfect for easy listening during your workday. Tracks like “Otomo,” “Closer,” “Age of Phase,” and “Counterpart” all take on house elements. Meanwhile “Shadows,” “Tides,” and “From You” take on a swanky, stylish sound. Perfect for going from day to night throughout your daily routine.

Throughout all of the tracks, it’s easy to hear the command of the crowd that these tracks will have in a live setting. Bonobo’s sound design is easy to listen to, making it a classic already yet setting himself up with an arsenal of tunes for festival season. If his future sets are anything like we’ve seen in the past, you can catch us deep in the crowd at his next set.

Almost five years to the day since Migration. This is my seventh album and it’s been without a doubt the most difficult one to make. I’d honestly lost a little confidence somewhere over the past few years. That compounded with the whole mess of 2020 made the period of making this record an uphill struggle a lot of the time. As much as it’s a document of a weird and uncertain time, it’s also about optimism and joy. I’m extremely proud of it and I hope that sense of optimism is felt.” -Bonobo

All in all, Fragments is poised to stand the test of time and be in constant rotation in our playlists for a long while. Give yourself some time to digest this album slowly and lovingly, just how it was rolled out and presented to us. Music moves fast and there’s a constant stream of it, but just this once, we ask you to slow down and feel the optimism, joy, and reflection of uncertainty that Bonobo wove into these tracks.

Listen to Fragments:

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