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Diving listeners headfirst into his new sound and style, “Empathy Will Save Us” is the latest release from Laika Beats. The track is only further proof that this man can truly do it all.

Laika Beats consistently pushes out beautiful tracks with equally as beautiful meanings. The most recent “Give Her The World” was about uplifting the women around you. Inspired by all the badass women in the music industry and in his own life. “Empathy Will Save Us” follows suit with a message a lot of us need right now.

Today I released my latest single ‘Empathy Will Save Us’ and I was so nervous to share my new sound and style with you but I’m blown away by all the support. Thank you all so much. 2021 might have a rough start but I’m sure we can make it a great year.

Laika Beats via Instagram

From the start, “Empathy Will Save Us” fills the space with soothing tones. Thirty seconds in, and we’re already convinced if you look up “music to my ears” in the dictionary, there’s a Soundcloud link to this track. Adding layers upon layers of bubblicious bouncy beats, this track is sure to have you dancing around the house. If not, you might be listening to it wrong :/

Stream “Empathy Will Save Us” below and also be a little nicer to one another!!!!

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