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By now, I’m sure you are all used to seeing our blogs keeping people updated on the latest music release or upcoming festival. Today we’re changing things up a little bit and highlighting something that we feel is important and our duty to use our platform to bring awareness to: climate change.

Big Wild teamed up with videographer Roger Fishman and the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) to release a short film that “highlights Earth’s uniquely beautiful environments, while also addressing the urgency of climate change.” Big Wild himself voices over the beautiful cinematic shots not only informing people of the issue at hand, but also urging people to act upon it. With “Pale Blue Dot” playing in the background taking secondary to the point being made, it leaves us guessing that the song name itself has something to do with Big Wild’s inspiring dedication and passion towards saving our planet.

“This isn’t just an issue that happens somewhere else our way. It’s happening right now, right where you are, which is why action must be taken now. Individual action on a collective level leads to real change. We all have a social responsibility to the planet and to ourselves to respect and sustain its natural beauty. Amid the myriad of issues that divide us, at the core we are undeniably global citizens bound as one. Though seemingly daunting, we are not hopeless. Rather, we must come together to enact real change to preserve this earth, our one and only home. In this unity, there is inspiration. So, please, join our efforts and speak up to call upon our world leaders to enact widespread change. Let’s raise our voices. Let’s be a voice for nature, together.”

Big Wild

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Big Wild use his platform to speak out about this issue. Even his merch has a disclaimer that it’s made from recycled and organic products, as well as being produced in an eco-friendly way through socially responsible practices rather than the fast fashion industry.

Like Big Wild said in the mini-film, climate change is something that affects us all, but is preventable and starts with the conscious decisions we make as consumers in our daily lives and using our voices to raise awareness. Thank you to Big Wild and the amazing, hardworking team of filmmakers for opening the conversation on this important topic with such a moving video.

Text “Act on Climate” to 21333 now to sign the global petition to world leaders demanding urgent action on climate change, and learn more at There is no planet B.

Music – Pale Blue Dot by Big Wild
Narrator – Big Wild
Filmmaker & Cinematographer – Roger Fishman
Editors – Hennie van Jaarsveld & Team Thirteen
Video Coordinator – Melissa Shoemaker

Natural Resources Defense Council

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