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After a hiatus to fine-tune his craft, BRVMES returns from the shadows to deliver wildly-intense edit of Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘I Apologise If You Feel Something.’

Electric Hawk was lucky to have this dark mind provide a sinister guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio back in January 2019. We even interviewed the mid-tempo, thrill-inducing, Dark Vibe Order prince back in February 2019 and got a deeper insight on who he is, and seeing his return has us incredibly excited to say the least.


BRVMES’ unique twist on Bring Me The Horizon’s I Apologise If You Feel Something is a beautiful blend of low-growling reese synths sliding with euphoric vocals of the original tune that swiftly evolves into mid-tempo madness. The track ensues with a pulsating flurry of thumping kicks that jab at the senses, followed by one of the freshest Drum n’ Bass switch-ups we’ve heard all year.

As mentioned earlier, BRVMES has been hard at work in the lab creating new music and setting himself up for a breakout 2020. If you’ve long been a fan of Gesaffelstein, Rezz, and others taking the scene by storm within that realm, he is one that should be at the top of your list to watch.

Listen to Bring Me The Horizon – I Aplogise If You Feel Something BRVMES Blood Edit)


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