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AVKW and False Color just proved they aren’t ones to be messed with! This track comes equipped with sounds that are ready to close down any festival main stage. Just when we thought it wasn’t possible, after one listen to “Eidolon,” we are simping harder for wave music than ever before.

If you are unfamiliar with The Nest Series here’s the breakdown

The Nest is our way of spotlighting newborn talent from deep in the underground of our community. These finds could not be any fresher, and don’t expect this to be the last time you hear of these artists. A new track drops every Wednesday.

When “Eidolon” hit our inbox, we were losing our minds. Synths and drums collide in the build-up creating ominous energy that has listeners on the edge of their seats. Finally, after buttering us up for a minute, we are thrown into a massive drop that leaves our jaws on the floor, and pants on the ground. The boys give us a lil breather to gather our thoughts before doing it to us all over again with the second drop. After only a few listens “Eidolon” has already become one of our favorite tracks of the year.

I saw Dariel played “Eidolon” 50 times this morning, so I played “Eidolon” 50 times this morning.

Stream our latest Nest Release, “Eidolon” below:

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