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At Electric Hawk we cannot simp more for the talented individuals on our beloved artist roster. I recently spoke with our newest addition, AVANTE, on his new alias, sound influences, debut original single, and tons more! He really gave us a fantastic introduction, so be sure to read it all below!


Delainey, Electric Hawk: Hey dude! I’m stoked to do this interview and introduce everyone to you and your sound! To start, how did you start the journey of producing? How have you grown as an artist since you started producing?

AVANTE: Howdy, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day for this, it means a lot to me. I started producing in 2015 because a friend in my HS homeroom (his name is 2ndNature, you all should look him up) was always talking about making beats in class and kept telling me I would be good at it. I guess he wasn’t completely wrong.

Since the start of my journey, I have grown beyond recognition. When I started making electronic music in 2017-2018, I started to learn so much about how to manage my lifestyle, improve my workflow/efficiency, and extract the emotions and grooves that go through my head daily. It has been such a fulfilling experience to see myself become a more full artist. I would say though, the biggest way I’ve changed as an artist since the start has been my perspective. The way you look at things has a huge effect on what happens to you.

DR: How would you describe your music? How has your sound changed since you started producing?

AVANTE: My music is experimental at it’s most basic concept. I place great value in pushing myself further than my own comprehension of production.

My sound has changed drastically since I began producing. The main way I would say my sound has changed over time is in the “big picture” ideas of my songs. I’m always looking for new song structuring or just ways to keep the listener guessing. I only intend to do more of that as I progress!

AVANTE, also known as Cole, actually went by a different alias not too long ago.

DR: You were previously known as ColeSllaw, but rebranded to AVANTE. What was the rebranding process like and how did you fit your vision into this new alias?

AVANTE: The rebrand has been the most challenging, yet rewarding experience of my career thus far!! It required a TON of groundwork for months before the first announcement was made. I owe my life to people like Selbe (my manager), Dariel, Mary, Nor, DATA_BYTE, and a couple of others for helping with the brainstorming, logistics/planning, artwork, etc.

The vision actually came before the alias. I had been wanting to take my music in a more unique direction for a while, and I came up with a brand/style that I really love and will give me a lot of room to grow the project. The whole thing is about the arts and fine arts, as well as strokes of luxury and “high class” settings, so from there we just had to choose a name that would fit the aesthetic.

Today is actually the release of his FIRST original single!

DR: You’re releasing your first original single “Profundum” via Electric Hawk Records! How awesome does that feel?

AVANTE: I feel so, so blessed!!! Not just for this release, but for everything this organization has done for me and the scene. I have so much love for Electric Hawk because Electric Hawk has shown so much love to me, and for electronic music. I feel like I’ve found a family in this industry and that’s something that holds a lot of value in my mind.

DR: What’s the story for this track? Anything cool happen along the way of creating it?

AVANTE: This track represents a pivot point in my music-making style. It symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in my career, new sounds, new structure, new art, new name, new everything!

DR: What is your creative process when making a new track like “Profundum”?

AVANTE: I like to have as many materials ready for use as possible when I start a fresh tune. I don’t want to waste time on designing new sounds, going through acapellas to find that perfect vocal sample, etc. I just want to be able to write the song and have fun!

This is why I spend 4 days a week creating materials to use in sessions. A couple days of sound design/sample cutting, a couple of days of loop-making/idea forming, and finally a couple of days of actual song writing.

It’s a relatively new process I’ve adopted, but it has increased my quality and productivity tenfold from before!

Profundum explores the mind of Avante, going deep into the framework of his new sounds. From beginning to end you feel like your body is going to transcend. We first heard “Profundum” along with a gift basket full of ID’s in our last virtual Harmony Festival (pain). The song’s catchy chords can be heard throughout, tagging along with buzzin bass lines at each drop. Sling in some atmosphere, white noise, some shredded up glitchy sounds, and snappy percussion and ya got “Profundum”. This tune has breathtaking bass and for a song of such simplicity, the sounds are intoxicating. “Profundum” is definitely a song to explore before we ease into Avante’s long list of unreleased.

DR: And what about sound influences? Who and what do you draw inspiration from?

AVANTE: Oh jeez, haha, ask any of my friends and they will all say the same thing: G JONES!!!!!!

He has been my favorite since the start, and I would be remiss to say I don’t look up to him for a lot of my own style. I mostly admire the way his songs flow and the way he presents himself as a public figure in the scene. He is a role model I think we should all take some notes from.

Some other artists I find myself inspired by right now are SLZRD, Matheny, Mythm, Fryar, SuperAve, FRQ NCY, and Saka to name a few! Those guys are all so hard-working and have so much knowledge and talent. To be able to learn from them and watch them grow has been a blessing.

And of course, I got a little deep with AVANTE about the ~future~.

DR: Although it’s been a strange year, you’ve definitely made some strides with music. What do you look back on most from this year music-wise?

AVANTE: I think the biggest thing this year music-wise, for me and a lot of artists, is realizing the real value of the musical community! Being isolated and out of gigs for so long has forced me to focus on forging new relationships in the industry. I’ve met more producers, managers, promoters, fans, etc. in the last 8-9 months than I ever did in my time before this pandemic. I learned so much about so many things! That’s something I really hope that everyone can take with them beyond these hard times, and into the future of the scene. We need each other!!!

DR: Can you give us any insight on what’s to come next from you?

AVANTE: Right now I’m just writing as much as I can! We are focusing pretty hard on getting a release schedule consistent with 1 song a month!  I’m going to be putting out a wide array of tunes and styles over the next year or two. Maybe even an EP or two (: 

I’m also working on getting into the film/video game industry right now, getting tunes on TV shows, commercials, etc.  So wish me luck on that!

DR: It was so nice to chat with you! Congrats on the release. 🙂

AVANTE: Thank you once again for doing this!! I appreciate you so much! Hope to talk to u soon! (:

Be sure to stream AVANTE’s first original track, “Profundum,” out now via Electric Hawk Records!

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