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Ahee brings new energy to bass music in his newest single “Loner Stoner.” This track keeps the high energy pace Ahee has set with all of his releases while also offering a contrasting melancholy element to the track.

“Loner Stoner” stemmed from the woes of quarantine. Born from Ahee spending a lot of time with himself, this period of isolation allowed for much self-reflection and room to create, and reminiscence.

The track starts out using a reverberating intro with guiding synths before gradually leading into a high pace build-up with an even more intense drop. Full of swirling bass and chanting vocals, Ahee’s newest track will take you back to a time when shows were legal.

Me staying at home gave me a lot of time to self-reflect on how much I miss the live show environment, being out with my friends, and listening to music as a community. Sometimes recently I’ll close my eyes and imagine being at a live show again with flashing lights, big crowds, & heavy bass, but then I’ll open my eyes and it’s just me in my studio, alone with my thoughts. This song is meant to capture that feeling. I think a number of people can relate to that at the moment.

Ahee on his track Loner Stoner

Listen to “Loner Stoner” by Ahee below:

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