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The mustached man has returned. After an already incredible 2020, Valentino Khan is back once again with lead single “Blackmail” off upcoming EP on Mad Decent.

Inspired by French electro, the Don of bass house has created yet another absolute banger with “Blackmail.”

My introduction to dance music over a decade ago came from passing by my brother’s room and hearing the distorted electronic sounds that were coming overseas from Europe.  This music was fresh to my American ears and created a new culture that motivated me to push boundaries as a producer. This next series of releases blends my own sounds with the inspirations I’ve drawn from this era of dance music. In doing that, I’m looking to continue to evolve as an artist by bringing a fresh perspective to the table sonically.

Valentino Khan  

“Blackmail” isn’t it—we have a whole EP coming from Valentino Khan!

On the latest Quarantino Khan livestream, it was announced that the forthcoming French Fried EP will release later this year. Set to debut on Mad Decent, this EP will be full of four-on-the-floor- madness from across the pond. Singles from the EP are coming every two weeks. But, until then, you can watch Quarantino Khan livestreams here!

Khan has had a busy 2020, wadding several remixes and singles to his discography. Embracing the quarantine vibes, he’s spends ample time livestreaming on his own and as a part of major virtual festivals such as Digital mirage and HARDSummer Virtual BBQ.

Listen to Valentino Khan’s latest single here and be on the lookout for upcoming “French Fried” EP!   

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