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The saying goes that greatness comes from the power of threes. It appears NotLö conjured up that spell and spit it off WAKAAN with her newest release, the Hallucination Effect EP.

NotLö never fails to bring the heat on every project she touches. The Hallucination Effect EP serves us straight looks. Not to mention, some static bass lines and psychotropic sound design. This one is what the big shots will be collectively dropping on the main stage and the underground afters, while the crowd goes the f*ck off for their beloved Queen of Sound, NotLö. She truly deserves a standing ovation for her work ethic alone. With releases off WAKAAN, Gravitas Recordings, Deep Dark and Dangerous, and Electric Hawk Records, NotLö is a colossal icon in all that is bass.

Dropped as her third EP in 2021 alone, Hallucination Effect tells a cacophonous narrative of how one makes some F$#%* wubs.

NotLö starts the EP off as a tribute title track towards the EP. She dials in on a simple bass line guiding us towards squiggly frequencies. In drops MYTHM on their collaborative track, “MAD.” We have now entered the space of two producers “losing their minds” and perfecting their bots to make sick computer noises. It’s almost as if the mission was to take us into the twilight zone. Let’s just say they really nailed the assignment. I’m just gonna come out and say it, “Dimensions” is flat-out sexy. It finishes off the EP with choppy bass that truly does the body good.

Stream the Hallucination Effect EP, from NotLö:

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