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Hulaween 2023 is quickly sneaking up and the anticipation is budding. We were lucky enough to head to Suwannee for the 2022 edition, and it lived up to the magic. As always, the Hula lineup features diverse artists spanning multiple styles and genres. We wanted to dive in and share 11 artists that we are “Pretty” (pun definitely intended) excited for.

1. Pretty Lights

Who could’ve guessed? Yes, the return of Pretty Lights is one of our most anticipated sets. After being teased for years, we started getting solid hints that PL would make his return for Hulaween’s 10th anniversary. The hype started to intensify rapidly and the next thing you knew, we got the announcement. We are beyond excited to see the return of the legend. There is genuinely no better place in the world for his return tour than to be playing in Suwannee at Hulaween.

2. Elderbrook

Call me basic, but there are few things I love more than chilled-out house music on a big stage with over-the-top lighting. Elderbrook fits this bill perfectly. He released his most recent album, Little Love at the end of March, filled with a couple of solid features such as Amtrac and Tourist as well as his own lovely singles. I am very much looking forward to hearing this under the stars on a cool night in Suwannee.

3. The String Cheese Incident

This one is a given. Without the Cheese, there is no Hula. If you’re going and are unfamiliar with them, try to catch at least one of their 6 sets. Saturday night is their theme set, which is always a party. They also play a few times during the day, which always leads to some of the most blissful moments of the festival. Don’t sleep on the Cheese!

4. Goose

While we’re in the realm of jam bands, we have to mention one of the hottest in the world right now. That is none other than Goose. Goose impressed the masses with their Okeechobee set, so why not stick around in Florida and do the same at Hula? The band always puts on a next-level show, diving into deep cuts of their own and special covers. Check out their Okee ’23 set on their Bandcamp.

5. Eprom

Moving away from the headliners, Eprom shines on the second tier of artists. With his unique sound-design and one-of-a-kind songwriting, Eprom is a true gem. His dark and heavy sound is a perfect fit for Hulaween. While it won’t be one of his recent robotic performances that he’s been putting on, a DJ set will be an absolute treat. A night-time Eprom show at the Amphitheater in Suwannee? Sign me up. This is a perfect act to pair with the Halloween aesthetic.

6. Khiva

Is it truly Halloween without some dark dubstep? Well, Hula has us covered, bringing in one of the best artists in the game. Khiva is massively talented with multiple releases on well-respected dubstep labels. Every set of hers is non-stop heat with the energy levels always maintaining at a peak.


The Brooklyn-based DJ has been making a name for herself as of late. Earlier this year she released “All U Need,” a collaboration with Olan, on Odesza’s label, Foreign Family. Speaking of Odesza, QRTR joined the legendary duo on a number of their summer tour dates. Getting approval from them should be more than enough to get excited about her Hulaween set.

8. John Summit

I hate to admit it but…yes, I am excited to see what John Summit has in store for us. His Brooklyn Mirage set on youtube showcases his ability to play to a crowd and touch on a couple of different genres outside of tech-house. Dropping Shades and Hedex was pretty legendary, I must admit.

9. Channel Tres (DJ Set)

This one is definitely near the top of my list. Catching a Channel Tres live set at Okeechobee was a lovely experience. His voice on top of his beats, along with his hypnotizing dance moves made for a spectacular show. I’m extremely interested to see what the California-based artist has in store for us with a DJ set. What type of tunes will we get? Maybe his recent boiler room set on youtube will be a preview of what is to come.

10. Moore Kismet

Moore Kismet is one of the most unique producers in the game right now. They combine elements of trap and dubstep with a futuristic sound design to give us something different. At only 18 years of age, they are continuing to level up at a rapid pace. No stage is too big for the youngster, and Hulaween will be no different.

11. Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade

I’m going to be fully honest here, I do not know much about Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. But, with a name like that, how can you miss this set? Les Claypool, the founder of Primus, has gathered a crew for his flying frog brigade. Sign me up.

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