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Often described as music burnout, it can be very demoralizing to experience a lack of excitement for our everyday tunes. Especially when good music pushes through hard days, motivates us to work harder, and brings us so much joy. Our personalized playlists and music tastes add a special layer of nostalgia to any routine or event.

It happens to the best of us. Our attention runs stale after weeks of sifting through the same playlists, albums, and compilations. No matter how often you press the skip button, the songs don’t pack the same punch as before the 99th listen. So we’re coming in hot with four tips to help jumpstart a new wave of energy for your music and hopefully bust you out of your funk.

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1) Sift through the archives.

We often overlook classic bangers in pursuit of the hottest new sounds. But returning to our roots is the only way we can be certain of where we want to go. Our first tip to ridding yourself of music burnout is to sift through your archives to see where your music exploration first began. No matter how old or unorganized the playlist is, you’re bound to find a song that reminds you just why you fell in love with that artist, album, or genre.

2) Find out what your favorite artists are listening to.

Our favorite artists’ sound, vision, and music have been entirely shaped by the artists who came before them. And for good reason. Dance music, like many other genres, has a deep and intricate history. From record crate diving to a playlist deep-dive, there is an ocean of deeply respected tunes just waiting to be unearthed.

No artist is a static representation of their craft as musicians are always growing and finding inspiration from every source. Diving into your favorite artists discographic journey and connecting the dots is sure to expose you to a new dimension of music.

3) See an artist you’ve never heard of before; come early and stay late.

Come early, stay late” is a common phrase in the nightlife industry. The idea is, opening and closing acts are a treasure trove of music and energy. Often showing a wide range of genres and sounds, these performers know what it takes to bring your energy in and hold your attention.

There are musical gems to be found everywhere, but only if you look for them. Attending a concert of a lesser known artist is a sure fire way to ignite your love of music. There you’re able to immerse yourself completely in the music. You can also discover new songs from opening and closing acts that might jumpstart your music exploration. You can find shows and concerts in your area by using apps like Resident Advisor, Bands in Town, Ticketmaster, and more.

4) Take a break from your genre of choice.

Even the best can be repetitive. No matter how much you might love your genre of choice, distance makes the heart grow fonder. With such an eclectic list of sub-genres of any category, the possibilities of discovery are endless. And in today’s day and age, accessing this music is as easy as a Shazam shortcut on your phone.

Taking a break from your favorite genre opens up your interest in different sounds, stories, and artists. A drum and bass fanatic can find solace in the complex rhythms and melodic motifs of freeform jazz. A melodic dubstep fan might find a home in hyper-pop. A riddim fan might find a similar cadence in rap or R&B. Don’t underestimate your ability to connect outside of our culture simply because electronic music is our safe space.

When all is said and done, any form of burnout is a call out from your mind and body to rest, recalibrate, and rejuvenate. It may take a few days to get back into your music groove again once you address your music burnout. So be patient with yourself, stay curious, and keep your mind open to the expansive world of music before you. And if you ever need a boost, here at Electric Hawk, our team is proud to host a number of extensive playlists and compilations that are sure to inspire.

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