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Deep from the creative depths of the minds of Zeds Dead comes Catching Z’s, a mixtape so sonically powerful it has saved lives. The Boys are f*%^ing back and so is our serotonin! Words cannot accurately describe the vibrations created by this mixtape, but we’ll do our best!

Catching Z’s sets the bar high for Altered States

That’s a bold statement above, but one we make with our chest. This mixtape has a net sum of zero skips, and it passes the car test with flying colors. It also passes the “late-night drive to clear my head” test as well, which is not easily done. It is the very first release on the Deadbeat Dons’ new downtempo label Altered States. The label will play host to music inspired by the vibes and the sounds of the original Catching Z’s mixes that were the soundtracks to many sleepless nights.

catching z's
Original meme by Alex Opalka

This mixtape could not have come at a better time. In a moment in history as uncertain as this one currently is, Catching Z’s is the new handhold many people need. The toll Covid 19 has taken on people after a full year is large. Many are losing hope that things will get better and return to even a slight resemblance of normal. These 13 tracks (14 if you pre-ordered the limited edition vinyl) provide comfort. These songs provide a sense of reassurance. This project is quite literally going to pull many, many people out of their pits of despair and depression. It’s going to give them that boost to make it one more day. Catching Z’s will legitimately save someone’s life, and that is why, in my humble opinion, it is the project of the year.

I want to try to describe the songs like I should as a music journalist. But I don’t believe the words I have at my disposal could do them any justice. I’ll leave it up to your mind, and your soul, to describe the feeling they bring you.

Listen to Catching Z’s here, out now on Altered States.

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