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We really like to make sure you have new music. In our ever-evolving attempts to bring you the newest and freshest finds in this rapidly changing music industry, we update our Fresh Hunts playlist Every. Single. Friday. All for you. It is one of our biggest playlists curated with the utmost care. So, don’t forget to join in on our weekly gift to the people we love most, YOU. Your favorite music should always be accessible to you, so let us help you out. Here is this week’s Fresh Hunts Round-Up

We picked some of this past weeks releases that we think you’ll want to hear

Dissonance’ – Josh Teed, MINDWALKER, Abby Vice

There are so many different ways to collaborate on a single piece of music. This triple whammy is almost like a document signed, sealed, and delivered by each artist—something even Nicholas Cage would want to steal. There is a depth of sound that leaves your mind submersed in a numbing sensation. The cover art looks like this song makes my brain feel while listening. Wormhole Music really hit it out of the park, having Josh Teed, MINDWALKER, and Abby Vice get together to create an absolute masterpiece when it comes to a melding of the minds.

Spaced Out’ – Zingara

To round out the end of Women’s History Month, we have release after release from some of the women we are always eager to hear from. Zingara is one of our very own artists here at Electric Hawk. With this song out on Conscious Electronic, she again shows that her creativity is bursting at the seems. The relaxing bass makes you feel adrift in space, something you could stretch your bones to, as oddly as that sounds. Her light and airy voice ringing out and the tiny details in the sound design feel just like the tiny thoughts that float into your headspace as you yourself space out.

Zest Please’ – CloZee, Maddy O’Neal

CloZee? Maddy O’Neal? “Zest Please”? Yes, please. Food is just a transport device for sauce, right? The sauce in this meal is absolutely mouthwatering. Any more or less, and it would not be the perfection that it is. As the weather begins to get warmer in many places, this is the perfect addition to your music library to tie you over until true summer hits, like buying a sun lamp, but it’s free. Bass like this is always the sprinkle on top of a good day.

‘DEAD!NAME’ – Varien

This new dubstep song “DEAD!NAME” from Varien is a heavy hitter, another great release for the end of Women’s History Month. Her first original track of 2021 sounds like something from the Purge soundtrack, an anthem for kicking some bigot’s ass. Bass that will grab you by the throat and then tear it out. “This is a song about confidence, really… it’s for everyone, in the end. No matter who you are, you gotta stand up, show your colors, and shout, “Bitch, I’m out here!” says Varien about her new release.

Watch Me – Miss Tiddy feat. Gardella & Wreckno

We have been awaiting this release from our lovely Miss Tiddy. “It’s a bisexual anthem,” they told us, when we sat down with Tessa Paisan this month and heard more about how this song was made and their empowering journey as an industry photographer. And boy does Miss Tiddy serve us. Wreckno and Gardella also offering us everything on a juicy platter. Play this one on REPEAT in preparation for Hot Girl Summer Pt 2.

Depths – Odd Law

This drum and bass track that we released this week for THE NEST #045 is absolutely everything. Inject this song directly into my veins please, I am ready for the superpowers it would give me. Odd Law knocks it out of the park with this new release. A feeling of being helplessly dragged further and further into the depths of utter darkness….. but like in a good way, ya know?

It’s A Bop – JamL & L3THO

THE NEST strikes again, successfully bringing us a brand new bop. In #046, we highlighted this song, the third release from JamL and L3THO’s collab EP Where Do We Go. Don’t get us wrong. It is a bop, but not in the usual way you would expect. Its meshing of different styles creates a sound you can lean back into, one you can’t help but bounce along with.

‘EKKA’ – scheme

Scheme manages to take their music and mold it into a Shades-Esque masterpiece. Sounds of metal crashing, and material scratching but pleasant. It is the artists like scheme that really break the mold of our usual concept of bass music. Take a listen to this chest-thumping rhythm and do yourself a favor by stretching your brain and your ears.

‘Poured Up’ – T-bird

The Arcadium Project snatched up a killer release this week with this new trap tune from T-Bird. The authentic drum beats add such an awesome touch. The sound design so squeaky clean it’s almost eerie. We are so hyped to have T-Bird around in our search for good trap music and can’t wait to hear more from them.

‘Zenith’ – Slippy, Fiora

We’ve stretched our bones, our brain, and our ears so far… so what’s next? How about our music taste? If you’ve been a friend of Electric Hawk for a while, you know that we love Wave music. So hearing this song….. could this be another omen of the incoming Wave invasion in the electronic music scene? By the gods, we hope so. Slippy and Fiora have certainly set high expectations for us for what’s to come from both of them and Monstercat.

‘Frost’ – FLY

Anytime I see a release with the note that says, “Not submitted, just a good song.” I click. I never regret it. Chills crawl their way up your arms with each echoing note in this release from FLY. It almost feels like cold mornings spent warming your hands and sitting in near silence preparing for the day. A certain reverence and aura are given only to the freezing air. The type of song that ends, leaving you wishing it hadn’t left.

Of course, this week, we had more favorites released, including the Catching Z‘s mixtape and a Dirt Monkey, TYNAN collab, along with so many more artists that warrant your attention. We’re happy to bring them all to you here with our latest Fresh Hunts Round-Up.

Tune in, Turn on, and Drop Out with our Fresh Hunts

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March is Women’s History Month. This is an opportunity to celebrate successes and acknowledge struggles women face across the world. If you’re looking to support organizations that educate on women’s health, gender/workplace equity, and more, then look here.

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