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Nowadays, a lot of us are asking ourselves what we should be doing with all of this extra time at home. Activities like indoor workouts and virtual happy hours have all taken on new meaning for people looking to fill the gap. But Kid Froopy is not one of those people. This Kid is on a mission. And “Easy Love” feels like his latest stop on the way to greatness.

Today he releases his THIRD song from his debut album Silver Silver which hits DSP’s, via Deadbeats Records, on May 1st. “Easy Love” is an easy-breezy-beautiful single that will have you kicking off your shoes and laying in the sun, while you daydream about that butterfly feeling.

Vibe in the sun to Easy Love by Kid Froopy

Silver Silver

After releasing “NEW IN TOWN,” the lead single to Silver Silver, Kid Froopy followed up quickly with “Some Night’s I Feel Like Crying.” This second single, full of melodic guitar rifts and synth-pop vocals, also came with its own music video, which pairs the pensive theme of the lyrics. And it’s this mix of sonic levity and lyrical thoughtfulness that has us sooo ready for the album in May.

But don’t think TOO much about it. Because for Kid Froopy, it was all about the feeling of the video. A video, by the way, that he directed, edited, and produced himself.

Go off king.

I found myself collecting images while I was writing…

I tried to go on intuition and not think too much. [D]on’t know what they add up to, but I like how it feels.

– Kid Froopy

Now, with those releases behind him, Kid Froopy has given us more to chew on with “Easy Love.” And the momentum that is being orchestrated by the Deadbeats team with this string of releases is palpable.

We All Need Some “Easy Love”

I’ll be the first to admit that this quarantine stuff has had me going a little stir crazy lately. So, when I first listened to this track I was happy to find something that calmed me down and made my day a little brighter.

The soothing vocals, airy pads, and bubbly swells drowned out the noise of the world while I listened. And the lyrics even had me reminiscing about times in my life where “Easy Love” made everything feel weightless.

So if you find yourself needing a break from it all, “Easy Love” is the perfect medicine. Listen below now.

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