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In Arizona, there is an ever-growing community of artists that are on the rise and are continuing to shine in the world. At Goldrush we were given the opportunity to have an interview with the talented Ekonovah after his set on the main stage. We got to discuss the feels of playing the main stage, new music and future plans coming up for the rest of the year, and his favorite hobby that is outside of music. Read below to catch the whole interview with Ekonovah.

Goldrush Ekonovah
Photo Credits: Tyler Rittenhouse, @tritt_visuals

seradopa, Electric Hawk: Wow we are finally meeting each other, how long have known each other now?

Ekonovah: It’s so hard to say, cause my perception of time is so warped. So I feel like a year, year and a half now.

seradopa: Yeah, it’s been about a year now since I was introduced to you through Blossom.

Ekonovah: So it has been about a year now!

seradopa: It’s amazing to finally meet you, the infamous Ekonovah. Shoutout to Blossom for introducing us in her Twitch chat.

seradopa: So, how does it feel to be playing Goldrush?

Ekonovah: If I’m not mistaken, this is my second time playing Goldrush. My first time playing was in 2019. And this is my favorite festival that Arizona throws. What really got me into house music was a 2018 or 2017 set at The Hideout stage – the house stage. It was the first time I was properly exposed to Tech-House and some Techno elements. Things that were a little less main stage sounding. Things that had a more underground appeal to it, which was really refreshing.

And it really got me thinking about where my musical direction was because at the time I was making more like a big room house kind of stuff. More like your typical festival bangers. And while I spent some time at The Hideout stage, I started to realize I wanted to take a different direction. Then when I started Ekonovah, I kept that in mind the way that it felt to be at The Hideout stage. So to be out here and playing on the main stage is amazing and it was kinda humbling. I feel really grateful. And it’s just kinda surreal. I’m still taking it in.

Photo Credits: Tyler Rittenhouse, @tritt_visuals

seradopa: And you brought out Bella Renee for your new track “Lighthouse.” How did that start?

Ekonovah: Yeah that song! Bella and I made like 75 percent of the track in early 2020. And it was half-baked for the better part of the year and I didn’t touch the file and didn’t have the inspiration to finish the song. And then… it’s funny I actually finished the song because of Goldrush. I knew I was playing Goldrush a couple of months ago and I knew I was playing the main stage. I wanted some special performances and special treats to play. And “Lighthouse” was one of those tracks. So I finished that one up with Bella. Thankfully. she was very excited to play alongside me.

seradopa: Yeah! I already want to know when it’s going to come out. But you just finished the track!

Ekonovah: There actually is no release date yet. It’s so early we haven’t even sent it to labels yet. Like once we got off stage, Bella was like “you know, I wanna add this run, or I wanna add this extra lyric at the end,” so the song isn’t even quite finished yet. So whose to say when it’s supposed to come out, but I am excited for it to be released.

seradopa: I saw that you have recently opened for Gorgon City and Jack Mek, and I was like dang, he’s been going at it! Also, you played Beyond Wonderland! How has it been being back playing live shows?

Ekonovah: Yes, with everything reopening, it’s been really nice to be playing shows again. It’s been so surreal!

seradopa: I know you really have been growing since I found you through Blossom’s stream. You have been going up! Especially earlier this when you released your Fusion EP, which you started singing on and everything. I’ve been pretty wowed honestly.

Ekonovah: I definitely have felt like I have been evolved as an artist. And I’m really happy with the sound I have been putting out right now. And just the general direction of the things I have been taking – it’s been really fulfilling!

seradopa: Yeah, you actually just released your Odd Mob remix, how did that happen?

Ekonovah: A while ago Odd Mob hit me up to remix one of their songs. I tried it but I couldn’t finish it in time. I missed that deadline and didn’t have the inspiration to follow through. So when he had another remix compilation he hit me up again. And this time for whatever reason, the inspiration was there. I went through that one pretty quickly. Although that remix had like five different versions which I don’t usually do. Usually, I just have the idea, but this time I had different versions. It was a strange process in Frankenstein-ing together the final product.

seradopa: It’s really cool. I was like wow, just in time for Goldrush. Even with your singles these past couple of weeks, it seems like everything has just been leading into your performance.

Ekonovah: A lot has been leading up to today. So it already feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after this performance. Like you said so many different aspects and ideas have been leading up to tonight. It’s nice to finally have this performance and look into the next things I want to do.

seradopa: Any plans after Goldrush or are you just going back trying to finish what you have working on.

Ekonovah: I can say I have some pretty big shows I am excited about. I wish I could be a little bit less vague. And then I already have some releases scheduled for the end of 2021 and early 2022 stuff as well. So I am mapping out what the next five or six months look like.

seradopa: You definitely need to do that nowadays.

Ekonovah: It is what you gotta do and it’s very tiring, but it’s a labor of love!

seradopa: How would you explain the contrast between your music earlier this year and where you are now with whats ahead?

Ekonovah: Early 2021, my Medicine remix EP came out in 2021, through In Rotation. And then after that remix comp, my first single that had my vocals came out in February of 2021. And that track was The Beginning EP and for me, that really symbolized the new beginning where all the tracks that came out before The Beginning was very club and bass house oriented. While now everything post-Medicine remix EP is more melodic, more emotional, there is more songwriting and more storytelling. And these are elements I’m really having fun combining with those first ideas from being out at The Hideout stage.

seradopa: So it literally all comes back to Goldrush!

Ekonovah: In many ways it does! Goldrush is my favorite festival that Relentless Beats throws. I just always find this one particularly inspiring for some reason. I just really love the experience!

seradopa: Well this is my first time in Arizona, what are your favorite spots and places to check out?

Ekonovah: That’s such a funny question, anyone close to me will tell you I don’t go out much. I’m really a hermit. I like to stay inside and work on my music and DJing. I don’t go out much. But when I do go out it’s usually for a show – Sunbar is one of my favorite venues here in Arizona. Or maybe I’m here by myself at Rawhide. I’m not a good person to ask that question.

But I will say though that some of my favorite vegan spots here in Arizona, are Green New American and Madera.

seradopa: I definitely will have to check those out here.

Ekonovah: Highly recommend it!

seradopa: So then what is your getaway from producing when you are staying at home. What do you do?

Ekonovah: A year ago I would not have an answer for you. I would usually say I don’t have any hobbies. When I’m not doing music, I’m just relaxing and not contributing anything of value, nothing particularly interesting. But now after going vegan actually, I really discovered I have a passion for cooking. My girlfriend who is a chef is also a vegan and has taught me a lot when it comes to cooking. And it turns out I really enjoy it. So I have been really into cooking and nutrition, combining those two new worlds. I spend a lot of time coming up with new recipes.

seradopa: Do you have a recipe that you and your girlfriend like cooking every once in a while or is it different all the time?

Ekonovah: Dude, I’ll tell the newest one that is in our rotation right now. It’s sort of like this sausage-ish tasting substitute – it’s just blended onions, lentils, beets, and mushrooms with seasonings. And you fry it up and it literally looks like a patty from McDonald’s. It is so good and it is so healthy. It makes me so happy that I discovered that, so that’s the new one we have been making. We usually serve that with a side of fries or some comfort food, something easy.

seradopa: Well, I’m impressed! I definitely can’t cook anything!

Ekonovah: You know, I have felt like that way in the past. That I was not a chef or cook at all. But after putting in the time, it’s fun and a lot easier than I thought it would be.

seradopa: I really need to add that to my resolutions!

Ekonovah: It’s fun! I also really like when you cook yourself, that’s really extravagant that you put a lot of time and effort into it. It just feels better eating it. It feels more mindful and more purposeful, you know everything you are eating. And you have leftovers and it makes your day easier the next day.

seradopa: So it’s like a legit chef’s kiss and everything

Ekonovah: Yes sir!


seradopa: You always wear beanies, so do you have, like, a lucky beanie at all?

Ekonovah: That’s a really funny question! I am infamous for losing beanies, USBs, belts, and socks. I lose things like this all the time. Like before I came to Goldrush I lost my belt so I’m wearing a shoestring belt right now. So that being said, the beanie I have in my backpack right now, I have had for over two years. Which is a big deal for me, that’s a serious accomplishment. And sometimes I cycle it in and out, but that’s usually my go-to.

seradopa: Do you get recognized without your beanie at all, especially here in Arizona?

Ekonovah: It used to be that people wouldn’t recognize me without my beanie. And I thought I could go incognito which was fun. Then once things reopened after COVID, I would go out without my beanie and I realized I was still getting recognized.

seradopa: Have you thought about making your own Ekonovah beanies?

Ekonovah: Definitely! I have a lot of different business ideas I have in mind. And of course, I don’t have time to chase them. But I have some restaurant ideas I am into. A few app ideas, that my girlfriend and I have brainstormed together.

seradopa: Damn, a true enterpuener!

Ekonovah: We are hoping when we are a bit older and we got some more money. And we are through the grind that is our twenties, we can indulge in some new endeavors and try some new things out.

seradopa: Dope! Well I got one more for you! What conditioner do you use?

Ekonovah: *Laughs* I actually don’t use conditioner.

seradopa: Interesting! Elaborate.

Ekonovah: I’ll use water, I won’t use shampoo or well I maybe would use like once or twice a month.

seradopa: I mean, it looks healthy!

Ekonovah: Thank you, I appreciate that and if it stopped looking healthy I would change my regime, but it’s been working for me!

Photo Credits: Tyler Rittenhouse, @tritt_visuals

It was an extraordinary pleasure to interview Ekonovah at Goldrush! Definitely appreciate the love and support from Relentless Beats. And we are excited to see what Ekonovah has prepped for the rest of the year and maybe a new recipe to reveal!

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