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Deep in the far underground realms of bass music you often come across many hidden gems, and XENOTYPE is shining very brightly. After a monstrous guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio, Brandon Smith has only offered us a minuscule glimpse into what he’s capable of.

Flexing freeform bass and experimental production to its limit, his ‘Communications’ EP is a stellar 4-track body of work that roars out with low-frequencies and otherworldly sounds.


Opening up, the title track ‘Communication‘ is a hair raiser that sets the entire mood for the rest of the EP, conjuring a bouncing groove and skittering synths that leave you wondering what’s the come.

The closing track, ‘Space Madness‘ is calculated chaos, with a plethora of sounds all coming together perfectly allowing the title of the song to make sense.

XENOTYPE is a fresh reminder that bass music is one of the most fun genres out there, keeping it real by applying hyper focus to every detail in every second of his songs, and ensuring that upon every listen you will hear something new.

Listen to Communications below.


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