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With Goldrush creeping up this weekend, there are a lot of amazing updates to the renowned festival. And there is so much more than just outstanding music there. Relentless Beats is planning to make this a weekend you will never forget. It’s time to get to strategizing and mapping out all the possibilities. If you are attending Goldrush this year, here are a few of the amazing things you can witness when attending.

The Wild West is coming to you!

The massive and most expansive layout of the Goldrush Grounds is coming this year! With upgrades coming to the Golden Gorge Megastructure, that hasn’t been previously seen by the fans throughout the Relentless Summer Series. Relentless Beats is going all out in showing the fans the best possible VIP experience that they have done. Also within the space, there will be a three-tier deck that will be found at the Golden Gorge along with The Hideout for its VIPs. The Hideout previously where the Golden Gorge Megastructure once was in past years.

Along with its three-tier deck, the stage is going to be massively immersive. Near the stage, the Zoppe Family Circus tent, part of the Weird and Wonderful experience, with roaming characters and decor. A stage where the party comes to play along with the attendees that wander into The Hideout to listen to the house and underground acts.

Pioneer’s Peak stage in the past has been on dirt but this year Goldrush is bringing astroturf for all the attendees. The stage that will host all the stunning bass acts will have a VIP section with front rail access – perfect for all headbangers that will be enjoying the stage. Pioneer’s Peak is updating its visual effects for the stage to enhance the experience for everyone.

Never a dull moment when you wander Goldrush grounds!

The massive Western Town at Goldrush is filled with a ton of amenities that you might want to spare a moment to experience while at the festival. Throughout exploring the whole Western Town, you can witness things like Moonshiner’s Art Walk which features some dazzling art displays while also encountering live artist displays from Arizona’s finest. On top of all art walk and live painting, there will be amazing body paint and body taping stations. The whole experience is brought to you by the Mint Dispensary.

Simultaneously as the festival is going on, you will encounter the Six Gun Performance Theatre near the main stages. At the Six Gun Performance Theatre, you can watch live stand-up acts, a magic show, stunt performances, and even a little karaoke for the whole group to participate in. And you can’t forget the amazing Weird and Wonderful experience that will be featuring all its amazing immersive acts and decor. While also featuring two fascinating parades each night during Goldrush. Weird and Wonderful is brought to you by Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha.

In addition, there will be amazing photo ops to capture the moment with your festival family to bring back to others who missed out. If you want to travel back to pioneer times, you can enjoy the experience of searching for riches at the Goldpanning station. Once you need a breath from all the music, you can take yourself and your friends to participate in the Roller Disco that will also be at Goldrush. Or you can indulge in the infamous Candy Store to fulfill your sweet tooth at Goldrush. Despite what you might think, there will never be a dull moment at the Wild West!

There will be some hidden gems to witness!

The fun never stops at Goldrush. If you want to escape, it might be wise to travel to the Mission Patio Silent Disco. This year featuring is the largest silent disco to date at Goldrush featuring two channels and some of the hottest local favorites. Nevertheless going to be a breathtaking sight, once you notice the stunning 4ft disco ball as the centerpiece. And the Mission Patio Silent Disco is brought to you by the crowd’s favorite Beatbox Beverages to fulfill any thirst needs.

Nearby the Golden Gorge, you can become educated and learn about cannabis at Tumble Weed Park. You will be able to learn about tons of Cannabis and Dispensary companies in Arizona while also encountering another gem. Tumble Weed Park also featuring a cannabis-themed art car that will have more of the hottest and upcoming talents in the region perform. Nonetheless, another thrilling opportunity to witness for yourself once at Goldrush. This whole experience is brought to you by PuraEarth.

Thrilled and excited to be engulfed in the Goldrush experience!

Naturally, I am excited to be a part of the whole wild west immersion. Without a doubt, Relentless Beats has it covered in creating the best event for their fans. Time to finish getting all the outfits planned, the festival group organized, and double-checking time off. Goldrush is sneaking up on us this weekend! Are you ready to let the wild side out in the Wild West town? Also, keep an eye on the schedule coming out soon!

Prepare for the wild west adventure early by listening to Official Goldrush playlist below! Let us know who you are excited to see!

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