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2021 has been quite the year for Electric Hawk managed artist UNKNWN. Back in February, he dropped The Purple Fern mixtape, then later went on to release an assortment of singles. After coming off a massive high having played the EH takeover at Denver’s Black Box theater, UNKNWN hit the underground this new music Friday with a 2-track EP titled Growth.

UNKNWN and Electric Hawk family at the Black Box theater

Returning to his unreleased vault of music, the Growth EP honors the artistic journey of UNKNWN and his creative light within.

“This EP features the two tracks that took the lead on my unreleased mixtape back in February. The entire mixtape was a project I made when I was going through a big phase of creative growth. Both of these tunes acted as conceptual anchors for the entire mix, and represent that big growth I was going through” 


Or should we say deep, dark, and ominous bass?

The EP kicks off with a familiar fan-favorite, “Purple Fern,” then continues onto the second half with the title track of the EP, “Growth.” With a pulsing bassline of 140 bpm and synths of airy keys, listeners are sent through a euphoric trance. The sound is very much similar to CharlesTheFirst, or any of Lab Group in that regard. That’s a compliment, of course, considering these earthy wubs are quite healing and pleasing to the soul. If you’re a simp for drum kicks, percussion, and slow set tempo, UNKNWN’s the Growth EP is your anthem.

Listen to the Growth EP from UNKNWN below:

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