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The young Danish producer shares a more intimate piece of himself with his new remix of Polarkriess 18.

Voliik took us to our first illegal European rave with this remix. He dragged us through the warehouse, raging, bumping and singing along until the party got busted by the cops.

The original remix is a song that you and your friends would listen to while looking through travel memories. “Polarkriess 18” was a massive hit in Europe ’08 due to its catchy rhythms and vocals. Then the band, Nephew, ended up doing a whole rework of the song. You can listen to it here:

Voliik completely reinvents the song and turns it into a certified banger that will no doubt be rinsed by other artists. He rips the song apart, and reconstructs it with his signature dark synths and pulsating bass lines. He does this while keeping the vocals at the center of each build-up/drop, only mildly changing it to fit the darker-theme.

It is beautifully done. Voliik always pops off with his music. But this remix, in particular, makes you FEEL his emotion. You can hear how much hard work went into this track.

His explanation for remixing this particular song is so heartwarming, you can tell how much it means to him and his dad:

Voliik Polarkriess 18
Voliik on Polarkreiss 18

From beginning to end, Voliik once again blows us away with his craft. I’m sure his dad is hella proud of this piece of nostalgia; and we at Electric Hawk cannot wait to see what the talented producer has in store for us.

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