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One of the freshest finds of the year for Electric Hawk, we’re so incredibly excited for Voliik and his future. Have a glimpse of the journey with his unreal remix of Porter Robinson’s ‘Spitfire‘.

Voliik Spitfire Remix

We want to take a moment to emphasize how important it is to support artist through the means of sharing on social media. We would have never heard of Voliik had someone never retweeted his completely genuine tweet about struggling as an up and coming artist and how he maintains his will to keep pushing onwards by re-watching a video of the absolute legend Porter Robinson playing out his song ‘Trust‘. It’s time we question ourselves if we’re actually fans and passionate about this community and culture. If you scroll by a song and enjoyed it, please just hit retweet/share or even put it on your Instagram/Snapchat story. We promise you it will not ruin your own self-image. This one share can take underground artists, especially ones who are fighting tooth and nail for exposure in an industry that takes advantage of them, a very VERY long way. If you want to see more music from them, let’s hope they can continue going a long way.

Luckily, we all have the power to make that happen.

Utterly brilliant and chaotic in a calculated way, Voliik’s Spitfire Remix is a cinematic journey through a vast range of vibrant emotions and an epic story of sound from start to finish. Teeming with pure detail to innovative structure and sound design in every single millisecond of the song, the original’s heart remains at the core of this MASSIVE reimagination while entirely flexing Voliik’s creative boundaries to their limit.

Do yourself a favor and explore his world of sound.

Listen to Porter Robinson – Spitfire (Voliik Remix) below.

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