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To start the new year off, the duo Taspii and TetraTara release their dreamy, transcending track “Tides” via TXTR Records on Friday, January 28th. The sensational and experimental electronic banger that brings the water to us. Surely, after listening to “Tides” you will feel suspended in time while undergoing a healing journey.

Taspii & TetraTara Press Photo
Left: Taspii Right: TetraTara

Taspii and TetraTara brings us in full-tide with latest single!

The refreshing soundscapes of “Tides” transport you to a chilling morning on the beach, watching the waves slowly creep closer to your toes. Within the background, you can hear the hauntingly beautiful vocals from TetraTara, as the water gradually engulfs you. Taspii’s hypnotizing production immerses us underwater, feeling the crashes and pulls of the tides shifting throughout the track. Simultaneously while hearing the eerie calls from the surface call our name to awaken. Though as the track progresses we are suspended in time while caught up in the tides.

The enchanting duo of Taspii and TetraTara bring us the nurturing track, “Tides.” Naturally, a timeless track that allows us to get lost for a moment outside of our own world. After all, sometimes you just need an escape; to fall into the tides; to refresh your mind, and that’s what Taspii and TetraTara offer us.

Join in and dive deep into the “Tides” and listen below!

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