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Who is The Librarian? If you’re not familiar, now is the time to get on board. Known for her wide variety, or “library” of music, Andrea Graham has been quietly dominating the scene since the mid-2000s. She is known for her unique and diverse DJ sets, featuring selections across all electronic genres. Andrea is also recognized for being the co-founder of possibly the most interesting festival in North America, Bass Coast. Located on the West Coast of Canada, this festival is different from the standard. Highly regarded, Bass Coast is a bucket list item for many. Furthermore, The Librarian is popular for her impressive and creative production ability, which she proves has no bounds.

After a quiet 2021, The Librarian is ready to takeover the new year.

The Librarian is preparing to release her miss u EP sometime in the spring of 2022. She is also set to play some big festivals, including Lightning in a Bottle, Okeechobee, and more. In the meantime, she is giving a taste of what is to come with these two tracks.

“Howe Sound” has a chilling start. A soft hiss blows through like a gust of wind. The organic sounds begin meshing their way in with the drums. The tune slowly becomes more dynamic, with more elements sneaking in, rightfully claiming their place. The goal of “Howe Sound” is to “capture the mood of winters” and The Librarian does that quite successfully. The tribal drums and ominous melody give off a sense of cold. It inspires images of a chilly, cloudy, gray day. That is something that Andrea emphasizes, finding beauty in this color we consider so dull. “Howe Sound” truly shines a light on that beauty, and accomplishes its goal of vividly painting the winter.

The Librarian
The Librarian performing live.

The second track, “miss u” is meant to be a “hopeful story.”

The Librarian absolutely nailed the feeling that she describes below. This one is a tranquil, garage-inspired masterpiece. It really is beautifully done. The short, drum-filled intro. The quick spurts of piano. The dreamy, psychedelic melody. The Librarian blends all of these together to produce some masterful work on a song that perfectly matches its name.

miss u EP is an ode to the rave, to the dance floor, and to the wildly eccentric community of music lovers who were separated over the past two years.  Composed in my basement studio at oddly early hours of the morning, the EP is a hopeful story intended for when we meet again surrounded by sound.

– The Librarian

“miss u” was written at the time we were still apart. Rather than sharing the music listening experiences on the dancefloor, we enjoyed that at home, in a state of solitude. But “miss u” isn’t meant to be sad, it is an inspiring tale. Now that we are back together, we can enjoy these shared experiences of bliss together once again, and “miss u” is the perfect soundtrack for that.

Listen to “Howe Sound” / “miss u”, out now:

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