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Files have leaked regarding VEIL‘s upcoming SURVEILLANCE mission at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on June 8th. The mission features an immersive audio/visual storyline, with full stage production, highlighting a y2k, apocalyptic world. The visuals will be crafted by VEIL’s VJ persona, 5/9. The audience will embark on a data acquisition quest and meet the human guide AZAL. At the battlefront will be the audio assault from artists like dela Moon, and Lita Lotus. We’re lucky enough to gain access to the classified files after requesting further information from the unknown server.

Khalila (Electric Hawk): We’ve received intelligence regarding the upcoming “SURVEILLANCE” launch. What is the inspiration behind this immersive experience?

ixxi.file  [0]
Main.Frame = […initialize access]; } via Electric Hawk[6.8.2023]
[framework… uploading] input.Azal.virus] [Initiating Reveal-Redact Protocol Version 5.9]

Data Received: Veil, 5/9, and their media cohorts, have been conspiring for months in preparation for this Surveillance mission to server B.

When this data recovery mission came to us we knew we had to step up to the plate. The social dynamics of the real world could permanently alter if this protected data is leaked. We knew AZAL would be the best human for the job. In order to embark on this mission, we would need the perfectly curated world hacking station, constructed for the mission inside of Cervantes Ballroom. To attempt the quest, we knew we’d have to create illusion and mystery in our hacking terminal design.

K: The event’s curation is a unique cohesion of audio weaponry. What kind of sound and styles do the supporting artists bring to the battlefield?

Subject Surveillance.exe

[Artist Description]
[Artist Description]

DR: All of the opening recruits for this mission were thoroughly vetted. After a proper assessment of their audio ordinance, we knew who we had to bring on this mission. dela Moon brings the heavy, neuro drum and bass, with moments of halftime and idm to distract the target. The server protectors stand no chance against her.

The REALMS debut set comes from the brains of Digital Vagabond, Ceiva, and Khu; a combination so powerful they can withstand attacks of any form in any realm.  They will be assisting AZAL through the servers on her data acquisition mission.

Lita Lotus has crates filled with the most cutting-edge music of the underground; her energy and expertise will be crucial for this mission. Her sharp selections will be no match for the server protectors. With the deepest of dubstep plus a dynamic mixing style that includes a lot of genres; Lita’s knowledge of the underground network has provided the essential intelligence needed to survive this mission.

SEEK is newer to the data circuit but has audio weaponry that’s been played by some of the biggest dubstep lords in the game. With ridiculous bass lines and mind-boggling compositions, his music and set will create a wall of bass so heavy that is necessary for us to even attempt the mission.

Occult Classics has been summoned from the underworld to bring a gothic audio/visual experience, filled with clips from horror films with an 80’s dark wave twist. Their opening set will help launch the hacker terminal as a whole as it prepares to upload AZAL to server Mink2.

K: We’re acquiring proper hacker, y2k, apocalyptic attire for the mission. What kind of atmosphere should we expect to accompany AZAL on?

DR: Lots of moving parts, wires, smoke, illusion, data, cables, chords, and mysteries. This immersive experience will transport you to our hacking terminal. Every element inside of Cervantes will be essential for the mission.

K: Is there anything we should be aware of to mentally and physically prepare for this unknown world?

DR: We advise attendees to suit up for the mission. Mentally, we ask all attendees of the mission to be ready for a mind-expanding experience in a new world; and to be ready to help us at any turn. Remember, they are always watching.

[Reveal-Redact Protocol Version 5.9 Terminated]

Outside sources also inform us that this world we are about to encounter is nothing we’ve experienced before. From halftime to heavy, to techno core, the SURVEILLANCE mission has us covered with a strong line of audio defense.

Suit up and join us on VEIL’s SURVEILLANCE mission at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on June 8th!

Cover Image Credits: @nathenlanemedia

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