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It’s been way too long since the minds that make up Variant Field were fused. After a long hiatus, they’re back with their new EP, Immeasurable, out via Gravitas Recordings.

Alex DeYoung and Amani Friend (of Desert Dwellers and Liquid Bloom) combine their knowledge, talent, and sound to form Variant Field. The result of these two coming together is nothing short of incredible. No tempo, style, or influence is left untouched. Immeasurable mimics the seasons as it cycles through the ever-changing sounds of Variant Field.

This EP is certainly not like any other. Consisting of three core tracks, “Silhouette,” “Letting Go,” and “Immeasurable” but each getting their own special twists and flips.


“Silhouette” in this EP represents Winter and Summer. Its winter version is chilling, with icy breaks and beats. While it’s summer maintains the original foundation but with a lighter tone and hopeful feel. Basically, add Winter to your sunset playlists and Summer to your sunrise playlists.

Letting Go

Much like “Silhouette,” “Letting Go” takes on two forms. The first is Autumn, a warm and bouncy flow that leaves a feeling like when you first notice the leaves changing in the fall. The Spring counterpart to “Letting Go” ups the tempo even more, creating something intoxicating. If you say you didn’t groove along with the sounds of Spring, then you’re lying.


This particular track comes to us in its original version and two remixes from Lil Fish and DISSØLV. “Immeasurable” is deep yet light and intricate, making it impossible to predict where it’ll take you next. The Lil Fish remix brings a whole new light to the track. Our favorite addition was a drop that almost took us out the first time we listened. The DISSØLV remix is a little more immersive with its sound. Diving listeners even deeper into every realm of “Immeasurable.” It also features an extremely funky breakdown at the end that I immediately had to run it back and replay.

Immeasurable is the perfect showcase of Variant Field’s range. Altering sound and transforming ambiance they were able to lead us through the seasons and musically embody each perfectly. The only question I have after listening to this EP is, how?

Journey through “Immeasurable” below!

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