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Get ready to go deep into the vibiest desert soundscape you’ve ever heard with the new Desert Dwellers remix by Bosa. Old-world acoustics meet deep house with layers of oozing and waving beats that bring the original mix of “Traversing the Endless Road” to a completely new level.

The Bosa remix of “Traversing the Endless Road” takes the track to a place of deep magic and luxury. Reverberating percussion and dreamy vocals transport the listener to a place of no worries and where rocking beats play on repeat. Vocals crescendo the track into a heavy yet smooth drop. The downtempo beat effortlessly continues on, making it easy for the listener to get lost in the sound.

The second half of the remix picks up the pace, amping up the BPM and our heart rates. Classic acoustics from the original version of the track are paired with worldly beats that close out the track all too soon. If you’re wanting to escape from our current world through music, this is the track to do it with.

Listen to the Bosa remix of Desert Dwellers “Traversing The Endless Road”

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