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Slap on the glitter and bring out the clapper fans. We’re bumping all of our favorite LGBTQIA+ artists year-round babe. Yes, it’s true these individuals create liberating wubs. But what makes them truly unique is their capacity to unabashedly stay true to themselves. As well as being role models for those still in the dark. A fierce and funky icon that inspires us is the Minneapolis-based Megan Hamilton.

As a resident of the Twin Cities myself, I first discovered Megan Hamilton as an opener a couple of years back. What made this specific event so special to me was the queer community show out for their beloved queen. Let’s be honest, Megan Hamilton can really do it all. And if you’re not swooning over female producers in the scene yet, you should probably get with the program.

Shooting your shot can land you one-on-one time with someone you admire and look up to very much. Check out Electric Hawk’s exclusive interview with Megan Hamilton here!

Sarah Galambos, Electric Hawk: Can you explain a little bit about yourself, Megan? Who are your biggest inspirations and what led you to create music? 

Megan Hamilton: My earliest inspirations naturally came from what my parents listened to – Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Supremes. Their unwillingness to adapt to popular music throughout the years is probably the reason I’m so invested in remix culture. As I became older, influences like Parliament Funkadelic and Amy Winehouse became part of my repertoire. As well as labels like Ghetto Funk and Jalapeno Records.

SG: What can we expect from Megan Hamilton in the upcoming future? 

MH: This year has been a blessing already; seeing so many bookings come in has been surreal, but I’m so excited to share all this new music with everyone! Please come say hi if you see me!

SG: What have been some of your favorite moments as a musician? 

MH: Some of my greatest moments are in the studio. When something comes together unexpectedly and I look around frantically like, “Did anyone else hear that?!” That feeling of joy is unlike many others and getting to perform it live breathes even more life into it.

SG: I know you run a music school here in Minneapolis called Slam Academy. Can you tell us about the program and the role you play? 

MH: I’m the Creative Director at Slam Academy. We are the United States’ first Ableton Certified Training Center. I teach a class called Music Industry & Release Strategy, as well as teaching private lessons on branding and marketing. I also do all the graphic design for our team.

SG: You also have a foodie Instagram account. As a food person myself, I’m totally in love. If you had to describe your sound as a type of food, what would it be and why? 

MH: I’m an onion and I have layers. Just kidding, maybe I’d be more like a grilled cheese. I look pretty plain, I’m a bit rough around the edges, but I’m really just gooey and prolific inside.

SG: We’ve chosen you as a spotlight feature for Pride month because of your genuine confidence in all that you are. Can you share with us what celebrating LGBTQIA+ means to you? 

MH: It’s so hard to express yourself fully as an artist when you’re not even able to express yourself in your everyday life. As someone who didn’t come out as cisgender/bisexual until I was 28 years old, Pride is something I’m learning to have each day. But since then, each day I can say that I’ve never been prouder. As Sly & The Family Stone would say, “Thank you for letting me be myself.”

SG: From your own experiences, do you have any advice for fans in the dark wanting to be their honest selves? 

You are loved.

Megan Hamilton

Stream Megan Hamilton next time you need a reminder to be the bad b*@$# you truly are.

The love and light within me beams with the love and light within yours, Megan. Thank you times a million and one for sharing this safe space with me and for all.

As June comes to a close, let’s make a pact to stand up. Clap in solidarity, hold hands in unity, and create a safe space of acceptance for the queer community. Having pride for love and basic human rights should be celebrated more than one month out of the year. Instead, let’s make waves 24/7 365 days around the sun for LGBTQIA+.

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Looking for new music? Keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. Updated every Friday with all the latest releases. Whether it’s the newest drops from Megan Hamilton, all your favorite artists, some old-school, or underground…we just want you to hear it.

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month! EDM began with the LGBTQIA+ community, and it remains a space to be fully yourself – safely and without judgment. Not only is this a time to celebrate the full spectrums of gender and sexuality, but also a reminder of the continued fight for gay and trans rights. Learn how to support trans rights here. Also, support several causes for the LGBTQIA+ community here.

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