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There’s a new artist making their presence known in the electronic community that has us all asking, “Alright, who the hell is Tripp St?” First coming out of the gates with a whopping “Welcome to Tripp St.” mix, this anonymous character has demanded our attention from day one and won’t let go.

More recently, this mysterious alias also headlined Summereyes virtual festival among names like Chee, Mersiv, and Truth. Joining forces with Tenstriip and Capon Designs, Tripp St. wowed us all by debuting an audio visual experience that we aren’t going to stop talking about anytime soon.

tripp st.

With all gas, no brakes, this mix is 95% originals. Talk about unloading the ID cannon. Seamlessly mixing together downtempo swathed in bass and mastered acapellas ranging from hip hop to the Beatles, whoever Tripp St. is… they did not come to play around. Trust us, you’re going to want to keep your eye on this one.

If you missed it, thankfully the unrelenting mix is now live on SoundCloud for all your streaming pleasures.

And for the full experience, they’ve also uploaded the entire A/V set to YouTube.

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