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Australia-based producer CUSTOME released an edit of “goonies vs. E.T.” on June 15, 2020 and it has us grooving. The hot bass house redo, originally by Run The Jewels, comes paired with a good cause. We LOVE to see it!

Run The Jewels (RTJ) combined activism with the recent release of their latest album, RTJ4. RTJ4 is available for free download on their website, along with the simple request that those who listen to the new album donate to the National Lawyers Guild, if they are able.

In a selfless move, the CUSTOME “goonies vs. E.T.” edit comes with the same suggested donation.

RTJ4 dropped recently during these insane times and I knew I had to mess with a tune on there…
However, with proceeds from RTJ4 going to the National Lawyers Guild’s Mass Defense Fund, it felt appropriate to contribute to the fair and just treatment of black people – especially in the eyes of the “law”.
So, donate $3 or more to the NLG and send proof and I’ll send you 4 unreleased songs which will not be available elsewhere and a high-quality version of my Goonies vs E.T. Edit.

CUSTOME via Instagram – @itscustome

FOUR UNRELEASED SONGS!! All for a donation to an organization doing incredible work. Why tf not?! CUSTOME is giving us a deal here, y’all.

Be sure to listen to the CUSTOME “goonies vs. E.T.” edit here:

And donate to the National Lawyers Guild here.

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