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We all know the saying… Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Well, in this case, we’re talking about the anonymous producer Tripp St. and their brand new Sermon Mix. Marking their third mix ever, the Sermon mix follows only their debut “Welcome to Tripp. St” mix and a full A/V recording of their virtual SUMMEREYES set. One thing has remained the same, though, and that’s the unwavering finesse Tripp St. has shown since exploding onto the scene in early May of this year.

And what’s more impressive? You should see the tracklist on this bad boy. With the occasional Jade Cicada and Skope tracks sprinkled in for upmost flavor, this mix is over half unreleased music from (you guessed it) Tripp St. themselves. Boasting their artistic prowess, some may say Tripp. St is reminiscent to Pretty Lights or Tipper, genre-bending elements of funk, downtempo, straight up in-your-face bass, and more.

Whoever this Tripp St. character is, it’s no secret they’ve built quite the discography for themselves already. But only a single question still lingers, and that’s who the hell is Tripp St?

To see what they’re all about, listen to the Sermon Mix from Tripp St. below!

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