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If you like those weird and wonky noises that bend your mind, keep your eyes and ears on Tek Genesis. Reigning from Sydney, Tek Genesis dives into the world of experimental bass with his two newest tracks “Ether” and “Amber”.

“Ether” is a dark, but melodic track with complex soundscapes. It starts off slowly, emphasizing female vocals, bird-like chirps, and TV static until the 808s hit, the beat drops, and it’s almost as if you’re in the middle of a Star Wars laser fight. All the while “Amber” is the epitome of experimental bass.

These tracks feature everything that an underground bass fan is looking for. They give listeners wobbles, deep reverb, and heavy synths to get lost in.

These two tracks preface his debut album Temp, available on November 29 via Noisia, so make sure to check it out then! But to take a sneak peek of what you’re in for—take a listen below!

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