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Where the hell did this SuperAve guy come from? Well, it doesn’t matter. He’s here with an absolute BONKERS single ‘Conspiracy’ that’ll make you glad he’s here now.

Just about a month ago we discovered SuperAve through a tweet that luckily made it’s way into our sights on the timeline. A clip of Zeds Dead playing out his tune ‘2047’ at one of the most revered bass music festivals on the planet, Lost Lands. And then not too soon after, Esseks playing out some unreleased music of his at Wakaan’s inaugural festival. Beyond these major breakouts for SuperAve, he’s even gone on to get his music played on Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats Radio and NGHTMRE and Slander’s GudVibrations Radio. It’s pretty damn clear he’s is up next even with so few official releases out in the world right now.

Now he’s blessing us with the next slammer of his more than likely massive array of honkers that he’s sitting on, ‘Conspiracy‘. The track begins with an feint Prodigy vocals layered with an intro of sounds that slowly creep in and pile onto the tension, eventually collapsing under its own weight and breaking loose with a massive onslaught of melodic synths and chest-punching drums that honestly made me feel like I was getting jumped by my own sound system in my room and my shoes stolen clean off of me afterwards.

We’ve posted about him being next up a few times on Twitter, and although we like to say that a lot about artists we consider our friends, this guy is the real fucking deal. Do NOT sleep on him.

Listen to SuperAve ‘Conspiracy’ below.

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