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Coming in with fresh sounds, REZI is here to deliver up an order of his intense dubstep banger ‘Chicken‘ that will have you going berserk.

With tons of original songs and innovative remixes for popular tracks, REZI has been deep at work crafting a versatile array of sounds for a couple of years now, and with every release it feel as if he’s broken a creative barrier within himself by leveling up every single time.

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Now he’s caught a fresh idea within himself and cooked up a flavorful conjunction of sounds on ‘Chicken’. The track begins with vibrant percussion and a playful melody that suddenly takes a menacing turn, unfolding in raging bass, razor-sharp synths that rattle the mind, all placed together perfectly with the classic dubstep kicks and snares we fiend for like a delicious order of a 5-piece chicken tender combination.

REZI’s popped up on our radar recently and after this we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for him to see what else he’ll have in store for us.

Listen to REZI ‘Chicken’ below.

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