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This past weekend, Grand Rapids, Michigan, was ablaze with excitement because Super Future pulled out all the stops for his beloved city on the Full Spectrum Tour. It was a memorable night for everyone involved, from extra sound systems to limited edition merchandise.

Remember where you came from and where it all started.

This saying has resonated with Super Future after all these years, and not once has he forgotten those who have supported him the most. He began his journey with the Samsara Family Collective while playing supporting slots at the Intersection. As a result, Grand Rapids was a huge stepping stone to his success. So, he did everything he could to make this specific tour stop a one-of-a-kind family affair.

Super Future hand-picked a unique lineup for a special stop on his Full Spectrum Tour!

Grand Rapids’ local Arcadian Sound started the night off strong. His unique bass-heavy style won us over, and he proved an excellent supporting artist. For example, the crowd erupted after he played “COLLATERAL,” one of the many collaborations with JAMiAM!

After that, it was time for Miilk, the bass-hop homies. This is the second time the tenacious duo has played a sold-out show at the Intersection since their debut last October. Undoubtedly, Miilk puts on a fun and energetic performance every single time!

Miilk press photo
Miilk, by: Antonio
Mindset press photo

Lastly, on the list of fabulous supporting artists was Mindset. He took the stage without hesitation and immediately had everyone hooked! The deep bass echoed through the Funktions, thus creating a pleasant head-rattling experience. Also, he dropped an unreleased collab with Saka as a treat!

Throughout the night, anticipation was built with every performance until it was time for Super Future to grace the stage. But first, he was not lying about having a canon of IDs ready! It’s as if his sets get better every time I catch one; he truly has a knack for captivating a crowd from start to finish. This set was a concoction of everything, such as downtempo, fiery originals, and breakbeat. So, if you can catch the Full Spectrum Tour in a city near you, don’t hesitate!

The hard work that Super Future and his team put into this particular tour stop did not go unnoticed! The appreciation for his come-up city and venue is incredibly heartwarming, and Electric Hawk is happy to have been a part of it.

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