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It’s time to close your eyes and let yourself become mesmerized by what is about to come next. Brooklyn-based artist QRTR returns with her sophomore album infina ad nausea being released through Dome of Doom. The rising star, QRTR continues to astonish the audience with her mesmerizing soundscapes and blast through the sonic realm while raising the bar on her musical genius.

QRTR press photo
Photo Credit: Bren Lyn Haragan

‘infina ad nausea’ is a play on latin terms “ad infinitum” and “ad nauseum.” I was trying to create a phrase to describe growing sick of a false feeling of permanence, as though you’re living in a never ending loop. I arranged the track order in a way that felt like the act of spiraling internally (mentally and emotionally). It starts off bright and playful and becomes more frenzied until suddenly you’ve reached “the point” – which is ever moving and evolving and thus unreachable.”


Diving into the multiverses of infina ad nausea

Now, it is time to take a brief moment to release your mind and prepare for the spiritual journey that you are about to adventure on. QRTR knows how to set the scene in the world you are entering with “The Outer Edge” featuring the infamous viral sensation ambientkitty (a.k.a QRTR’s cat). The track starts off in a multi-dimensional scene, longing with the hypnotic tones and synths surrounding you. As you walk through the world, you are haunted with melodies and soothing purrs as you begin to walk towards the outer edge. Only to engulf the mass of beauty that expands beyond.

As we transition, immediately as we float into our next journey, we are graced with the mesmerizing vocals from artemis orion. Throughout the track, “With You,” we are hypnotized with the lyrics that most can relate to. “All I wanna do is stay home, get stoned, no phone, alone with you.” Lyrics continue to linger in the air until you hear the break. The heavy drum and bass/house-inspired breaks bring out the wild side of your THC-influenced brain. “With You” allows you to stand up with your loved ones and begin to dance into the night – feeling the vibrations and energies being transferred throughout the air.

Time to transport us to another realm. This time we are hitting the city and looking for somewhere to let loose until the morning sun. The leading single of the album “Want Me 2” is that carefree track that reminds you of the nights on the dance floor. Immediately, you feel the rush of bottled energy begin to release. And your body begins to sway and groove along to the drums and soothing vocals from QRTR herself.

Pause for a moment, where else is QRTR going to take us?

Truly, we all encounter those anxious thoughts and vibes in our life. Well, it’s time to take them on. “Running From It” takes us through the darker spirals of QRTR’s multiverse. The continuous repetitive beat replicating the anxiousness we feel in our bodies, the constant pounding of our hearts beating… QRTR is giving us the opportunity to expel all the negativity that resides inside of all of us – and to later keep running far from them.

After all, QRTR doesn’t seem to miss a beat. “Fractals” brings us back into this dreamy universe. In contrast to the previous wonderland, “Want Me 2,” the track feels as things are flashing and rapidly moving around you. The colorful and complex production of the track meshes together to bring this high-intensity feeling to you. While you continue to dance to the beautiful colors that are shown.

Despite the constant high frequencies and tones surrounding us, QRTR begins to slow it down a bit. “Like That” allows us to take a breathe and take a moment to observe our surroundings. As if you are standing frozen in the back of the crowd, watching the crowd interact with the music of the club. With time slowly speeding up, as the night begins to whittle down and the crowd starts to disperse, that sense of euphoria begins to grow as the track progresses. Feeling that smile grow across your face as you continue to dance through the night.

Notably, QRTR takes a different spin when it comes to interludes. “Nossa” is the epitome of what elegant ambient could become. Hence explains QRTR bringing us this eerie choir harmony while pairing it with an iPhone sample and soft percussions in the background. This interlude masterfully creates this ancient, ambient experimental classical track. And this later foreshadows what QRTR has next for us.

Now, we begin to explore the complexities of QRTR’s universes.

Slowly easing our way into the next journey, we’re shown what “Blame Me” featuring Daniel de Lara has to offer. Throughout the first half of the track, QRTR reveals this tranquil environment for us to reflect on. To reflect on our pasts, whether that be our own decisions or our own relationships we may have harmed. As the track progresses, we are led to this revolution as you hear the soft vocals “put the blame on me.” Finally, as we reach the second half of the track, QRTR shows us the power of overcoming and healing. Closing the tune with a more traditional melodic-house arrangement, but with her own hypnotic spin to it.

Immediately, we are drawn away to witness the complex genius of what QRTR has to show. “Ritual,” featuring CSLTY, showcases more drum and bass to the project. After sticking with the roots of the more emotional tone that QRTR is known for with her ambient sounds, suddenly we are hit with the drum and bass burst that brings the track into lightspeed. With the original undertone that the song starts with in the first half, you begin to wander through the soundscapes. And before you know it, the track ends with you longing to press repeat to listen again.

Before the end of our travels, QRTR has something up her sleeve.

“Rewind” leads with this unique synth and complex melody. QRTR plays along with a multitude of layers and shows off the beauty that comes with experimenting with sounds. Not holding back, QRTR unleashes the creative genius that is in her mind. “Rewind” combines all her styles of ambient, glitch, bass, and others all glued together for this seamless and raw song to let out all of her emotions.

Then finally, we have come to the finale of infina ad nausea with “Lucid” featuring Braille. QRTR giving us the proper send-off through her luscious soundscapes. Breaking open the portal of her multiverse, as we transport back into reality from the spiritual journey. And as we look back at the portal, QRTR doesn’t let us go without saying a quick goodbye before closing her world. A beautiful and elegant triumph to overall complete the album that is infina ad nausea.

Overall QRTR is not wasting a single minute.

The bright-uprising artist isn’t slowing down with her sophomore album. QRTR, in addition to traveling along with Luttrell’s ‘Music For My Memoriestour, is also having her infina ad nausea album release party coming up on September 12th. She’ll be performing at Day Trip, alongside Phantoms, as well as the big Decade of Doom takeover in Los Angeles on September 23rd. Upon the arrival of her latest release, you can also pre-order the infina ad nausea album on a split color vinyl through her Bandcamp.

QRTR continues to conquer the scene wherever she goes, whether it be catching a cozy Twitch stream or catch her tranquil sets on tour – QRTR is an artist you want to add to your radar.

Get enlightened and take yourself on a trip. Listen to QRTR’s infina ad nausea below!

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