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It’s been nothing short of a huge year for Laika Beats, but he’s still going strong. First kicking things off with a spring tour, several festival appearances, and a stream of genre defying releases under his belt, his momentum is at an all time high.

Now, join us as we take a trip to the longest, wickedest street in America with his newest single, “Colfax Ave.”

Based out of Colorado, he pays homage to the bass capital with this mind melting tune. It gives you the chilling sense of walking down an alleyway late at night; neon lights reflecting off the pavement while bass pulsates to your core. Glitchy, contorted synths lurk around every corner of the intricate sound design. All in all, Laika Beats embodies that true underground sound with a hip hop influence.

And if you want to hear more from him (which we’re sure that you will,) check out the guest mix he did for us over at Electric Hawk radio!

Listen to “Colfax Ave” below!

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