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Fire up your headphones, hawks – it’s NEW MUSIC FRIDAY! This week is so chonky with good music we had to have TWO writers contribute. Shoutout Chris and Abby for this massive collab!

Now lets get this weekend started right.

Mirror Maze, featured on the finale of Harmony Virtual Music Festival has dropped a FIRE new tune.

Released last Friday on BandCamp, “Frustration” is a winding journey of sound with surprises around every corner. This track is seriously unlike anything we’ve heard before. Check it out this New Music Friday, on all platforms!

Riot Ten & Cesqeaux gave us an absolute banger on Bassrush.

Appropriately titled “Bang Bang,” this hot and heavy track builds you up, then drop kicks you right in the face.

First, crack open your New Music Friday beverage of choice. Then, head to your nearest dance floor (kitchen floor?) for Westend’s latest EP.

The three track Collide EP is a beautiful collection of melodic four on the floor tracks. Out on Insomniac. Definitely one of to our New Music Friday favorites!

Wakaan does it again with G-REX’s “HITTA.” And it. is. FILTHY!!

We all know that Wakaan knows great music. G-REX smashes your eardrums with this massive spooky season chune.

We are big fans of spooky songs. Also, we are big fans of the underground. Let’s do both for this New Music Friday!

Brand new producer Mental Front and Jack De Mortis said “MIDTEMPO DUB!” Listen to “Locust” and give some support to the underground.

So, what are you listening to this New Music Friday? Let us know your favorite new track by tagging us on Twitter! See you next week. <3

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