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Some days, a little chill electronica playing in the background is all you need to get through. Today, Sofasound has dropped what needs to be your next go-to for those kinds of days! The Forget About Me EP from Sofasound homes four bliss-filled tracks that we know you will love.

Sofasound Forget About Me EP Electric Hawk

Sofasound is the kind of artist who is radically open with his audience.

Florida-based John J Sofia, aka Sofasound, is known by his listeners to deliver deeply emotional sounds. He has had much success with releases on Bitbird and Chillhop Music, as well as landed spots on many established Spotify playlists, like Chill Tracks. But after sudden ongoing struggles with personal medical setbacks, John turned even more so to his love of music to get him through.

When I was writing these tracks I had been battling chronic pain and gastrointestinal health issues; I was in and out of hospitals, on/off my death bed, losing over 130 lbs, barely able to eat any food at all. It felt like I was losing who I was as a person, lost many friends, ended very happy relationships with people because I felt like a burden and that I couldn’t be loved. The best way to express myself was to search deeper within myself and to let go of the person I was trying to hold on to (Forget About Me) meaning to just allow myself to grow into the person I need to become during this new time period of healing.


Forget About Me came to be a sonic snapshot of this time in his life. And now, we are all able to share the journey with him. The four tracks ebb and flow through a colorful array of delicate sounds. And, this EP happens to be the first series of his much anticipated double EP release with the label, Stereofox. If you ask us, Sofasound and Stereofox are seemingly a match made in heaven. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for the next installment, and possibly more surprises as well! 😉

You can stream the latest EP from Sofasound, Forget About Me, on all platforms now. Prep for his upcoming releases in the series and let us know what you think!

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