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We are just days away from BUKU Music and Arts Project, and the excitement is building as we all make our way down to the Big Easy. Soon we will all be stuffed with beignets and bass while enjoying ourselves and our favorite artists along the Mississippi River. But wait you slippery sausage, what else should we be excited about when we head down to N’awlins besides our favorite artist? Well there, you came to the right place because I’m about to break down the ABC’s of BUKU Music and Arts Project, which could be anything from the artists, art, the city, the food, and many more (but nothing that starts with the letters Q, X, or Z because those letters don’t exist anymore.)

Let’s get ready to bop our BUKUssy in the Bayou, here’s our list of great things you should get excited about this weekend at Buku Music and Arts Project!

A Hundred Drums

Our first artist on this list, A Hundred Drums is a hard-hitting bass queen who is actually one of the few artists opening up the BUKU Music and Arts project. Make sure to catch her set at 2:15 Friday afternoon on the Skyline stage.

The Bayou

If you have time to explore NOLA’s roots, the bayou is where to go. Dark swamps and cypress trees are the lifeblood of Louisiana. Just make sure you don’t bring back an alligator or crocodile to the festival grounds, I don’t think they allow that.


CloZee is one of the artists to watch on the Wharf stage on Friday night. She also just announced her first Red Rocks headline set and we are all so proud of her :’).

Dance Music

If you’re looking for some Dubstep, House, Techno, Trap, or anything to vibe to throughout the weekend then here is a list within a list. On Friday, head over to the ballroom for J. Worra and Dom Dolla. But if you’re looking to drop that dump truck, TroyBoi on the Bridge stage is the perfect afternoon snack. But if you really want some dinner, Liquid Stranger will serve up some spaghetti. On Saturday, Alison Wonderland takes over the main stage at sunset. But if you want some mean green screams, Sullivan King at the Wharf stage is your best bet. And if you want to just be at peace for your last set of the weekend, Lane 8 at the Wharf stage Saturday night is gonna be a chef’s kiss.


Crawfish boils, Po Boy’s, Gumbo, all the food in New Orleans is so damn delicious. There will also be a selection of New Orleans’s greatest hits at BUKU so come hungry!


If you ever get the chance to head inside Mardi Gras World, the floats in the building are mind-blowing. The creations take more than a year to create and they are works of beauty. 

Glass Animals

One of the bands I’m looking forward to seeing the most. Glass Animals are phenomenal and are only getting better with age. Be prepared to hear all the goodies from Dreamland and How to be a Human Being.

Hip Hop

What makes BUKU special is its blend of genres on this lineup. Some of the Hip Hop and R&B artists to watch are our king, Tyler the Creator, Trippie Redd, $uicideboy$, Tierra Whack, Baby Keem, Kali Uchis, and countless more names.


Speaking of genres, there are a few indie bands on this lineup. I mentioned Glass Animals before, but you cannot miss Tame Impala and Taking Back Sunday on Friday. 

John Summit

Ain’t no party like a John Summit party cause a John Summit party will never stop… ever. You will be drinking tequila for the next 7 weeks while binge-watching Harry Potter movies because that’s what John Summit sets do to your mind. A wonderful thing.

Kumarion b2b Reaper

Drum and bass, all the time, always. And this set is at 2:50 on Friday so we are really getting our exercise in early!

Lab Group

A surprise announcement on the lineup, Lab Group is coming to BUKU this weekend! A special tribute to our dear Charles, whose crown was on the first lineup poster after his passing in December. 

Moore Kismet

Moore Kismet is going from city to city and making a statement with their unique sound and powerful stage presence! A can’t miss on the ballroom stage Saturday.

New Orleans Natives

There are a few members of this lineup that are native to the surrounding areas that are gonna pop off. Some of the acts include 504icygrl, Antwigadee!, Buckten B2b Don Peyote, Chinua, GLBL WRMNG, Lango, Neno Calvin, Odd the Artist, Rob49, Sfam, tatyanna XL, Tristan Dufrene, and TVBOO. A heck of a homecoming indeed.

Orpheum theater

Two after parties are being held at the Orpheum and we are all very very excited. On Friday a little Wakaan get-together is happening and some special sets include Liquid Stranger, Redrum B2B Cannabliss, and a boxing match between TVBOO and Sfam. We are also getting a Lab Group afterparty on Saturday with Player Dave, Potions B2B Tiedye Ky, an Of The Trees AV set (AHHHHHHH), and a Lab Group family B2B to close out!

Porter Robinson

Almost a year after releasing the album of the 2020s, Porter is bringing his Nurture live set to NOLA and we are ready to cry facedown in a patch of grass… or gravel… or just jump in the Mississippi River. 


Another artist coming off a fairly recent album, Rezz is wrapping up her Spiral tour. She’s making a quick stop to New Orleans for some voodoo, mind control, and whatever other spooky things we are about to witness with her set.

Svdden Death

And speaking of spooky, Svdden Death is gonna probably crush your soul into a million pieces. His Voyd II album was just released and it’s a bass masterpiece. Just know we are all doomed this Saturday.

Tsu Nami

Tsu Nami is coming off her beautiful Ethereal EP and she’s riding that wave into this weekend. Also, check out this wonderful edit she made, below, that we might hear very very soon.


The early bird does get the worm! So make sure to wake up and get to the gates to see acts like 100 Gecs, GØ PNIK, Foushee, Chee B2B Tsuruda, KennyHoopLa and so many more!

Vince Staples 

A singer, songwriter, actor, you name it, Vince Staples will do it. Staples is coming to BUKU to make a statement with his historic discography. I just hope he sells me a pair of his Chuck Taylor’s. 


We are going to be doing cartwheels, flips, splits, and even dropping some Dump Trucc of an ass to Wreckno’s set. God, we can’t wait.

And finally… You.

Yes, you, we can’t forget about you. You are important to us and we love you and we hope you all have a safe and grand time at BUKU!

We’ll see you this weekend at the BUKU Music and Arts project!

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