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Featured image: Mind Overload EP cover art, designed by Matthew Childers (AKA Digital Introspect).

Secret Recipe reels listeners in with his unexpected sound design in “Mind Overload,” out on the Mind Overload EP, today. Known for his experimentation, Secret Recipe combines lush riffs and scratchy frequencies on this track. Our exclusive Electric Hawk premiere of “Mind Overload” fits in perfectly with the other sensory-stimulating songs on the Mind Overload EP.

Secret Recipe is also the founder and curator for Wormhole Music Group, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wormhole has become a herald for up-and-coming experimental and boundary-pushing bass artists. The label is continuously promoting new underground artists via their Wormhole Wednesday events. Secret Recipe has been able to build Wormhole Music Group into something of an underground music wonder. Although previously held in person, Secret Recipe and the Wormhole team have continued the Wormhole Wednesday tradition through Twitch streams. In fact, they will be hosting a live stream release party for Secret Recipe and his Mind Overload EP on Wednesday, February 3.

Wormhole Wednesday lineup for Secret Recipe’s Mind Overload release party, occurring February 3rd.

These Wormhole Wednesday streams have enabled people across the world to hear many talented artists. Moreover, since it’s now virtual, it has been an excellent platform for a ton more artists to showcase their music. Wormhole also does an incredible job of crediting VJs and working with these visual artists on other projects. In fact, Digital Introspect has been a VJ for Wormhole Wednesdays in addition to creating the artwork for the Mind Overload EP. He also synthesized a music video for “Pendulate,” the second track on the EP. The “Pendulate” video drops on February 9th.

Secret Recipe stretches the brain in “Mind Overload.”

Mind Overload” opens ominously with legato synth notes and adds elements with each two-bar phrase. It becomes wavering and a robotic vocal sample introduces the build-up. This drives and drops into a punchy, psychedelic halftime beat. Secret Recipe flavors the song with an immense number of sounds and textures that keep surprising the listener. He daringly creates a soundscape like a dense jungle; something that is vibrant and uniquely beautiful, with a new discovery around each corner.

This glitchy stanza is unexpectedly stopped by a break in the song. A twinkling synth and a growling tone indicate the change in mood. This second portion has a greater emphasis on celestial sounds while keeping some of the dark, pulsating melodies from before. This section of the track feels like clarity after being stuck in a storm of thoughts.

His talent for experimentation makes Secret Recipe seem just as much of a scientist as he is a producer. He displays his affinity for genre-defying music in both his curation for Wormhole Music Group and in his own music. “Mind Overload” is no different; this track is an amalgamation of exploratory sound design and composition.

Listen to “Mind Overload” and be sure to check out the entire EP, below!

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