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If you’ve been paying any attention these past few months, you’ve probably definitely seen us gushing about an anonymous new producer working under the name Tripp St. Making a grand entrance into the scene with their “Welcome to Tripp St.” mix in May of 2020, they’ve rolled out a consistent stream of mixes since, along with an official remix of CloZee‘s “Long Live The Chill.”

Now, the mysterious artist has commanded attention with their first single released January 29th, “I Am Back.”

This also marks the milestone of the first release on CloZee’s independent record label, Odyzey Music.

As if the title of the song wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, the contents of the track itself are sure to do the trick. Clocking in at a little over three minutes, “I Am Back” leaves you both satisfied and craving more at the same time. (Well, it’s a good thing their debut album, Welcome to Tripp St., is due this March 5th.)

Until then, “I Am Back” will be in heavy rotation on our playlists. Laden with distorted glitches, deep synths, and the perfect underlying hint of hip hop, Tripp St. has already mastered their craft and they’re just getting started.

Want two extra bonus tracks off the debut Tripp St. album?

A mock record pictured below would include two exclusive tracks for listeners’ ears – vinyl release only. To help reach the vinyl pressing goal, follow the link and join the waitlist!

Listen to “I Am Back” by Tripp St. now below

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