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There is never a bad time to take a psychedelic trip with Avae and Faye, and their latest release “CBD” is the perfect indulgence. The sensational combination with this duo surpasses the astronomical dimensions. “CBD” crafting this heartwarming and head-rushing atmosphere that you can’t help but get drunk on.

Can’t help but “come back down” into your own center.

CBD is an important piece to me, as it’s about melting away the stress, depression and anger that are very common in life. It’s a sort of meditation that helps me pull through the tough experiences and never giving in to the negative feelings that can end careers, or even lives, getting out of the anxiety and “Coming Back Down” to earth. Faye and I have worked on this song for a good while, so we’re happy to finally show this to the world.


Immediately, the track beams you through the vortex of Avae’s psychedelic fantasyland. Driving throughout the wormhole until you are hit with the luscious and tranquil vocals from Faye. Until now, the vibrant serenity of the track begins to lower the negative energy that surrounds you. “CBD,” meaning “Coming Back Down,” constantly flutters through the air once you hear it during the track’s hook. The groovy guitar and soothing synths build the “CBD” atmosphere as if you were experiencing a head high.

Despite the high energy that surrounds and bottles within yourself, Avae finds a way to bring the “CBD” to you. Coming back down from an anxious environment for a brief moment as the melodies comfort you. The elegance of the duo from Avae and Faye can’t help but captivate you. So naturally, you get lost within your own world until the last wave of music leaves your body. And once it’s over and you stare at the goosebumps along your arms and press play again since now, you become intoxicated by Avae’s fantasyland.

Sonically and lyrically, CBD brings me this feeling of soothing strength and connection to my higher self. But also makes me want to dance? It’s the best of both worlds.


Fall into the psychedelic daydream of “CBD” and Avae’s dreamlike melodies below!

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