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On the fifth day of Hawkmas, Santa let the dogs out. 2020 has been a big year for the Slang Dogs and getting even bigger by the second. We wanted to catch up with the dogs and revisit their insane EP, Sacrament.

This three-track EP was no joke. Telling a dark story using ominous soundscapes and racing basslines. It’s been months, and Sacrament remains a weekly listen of ours.

Sacrament was just the beginning for Slang Dogs

As the year has progressed, these two have gained momentum. After the Sacrament EP, the boys saw a definitive direction they wanted the project going. They began releasing tracks every month, sometimes even two a month, as they grinded towards their Reckoning of Endal EP. They showcased their skills on streams like Harmony, Neon Oasis, and Acrillics & CO. Not to mention having some of their inspirations, like Boombox Cartel, play out a few of their unreleased tunes. As well as appearing on Subtronics’ daily rotation of music he’s been listening to this year. Also, finding their home here at Electric Hawk and signing with our very own powerhouse queen, Mary Agan.

Slang Dogs
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2021 is already looking bright for these boys

Some of their most prized unreleased music will be surfacing next year (!!!!!!). They are actively looking for drive-in shows to play until live shows have the ability to return and they can play out these murderous tunes properly, maybe even go on tour.

We want to continue pushing ourselves in terms of production, art direction, and story development so we can really bring the vision we have for Slang Dogs to life and share it with everyone

Slang Dogs

Today is also a huge day for Slang Dogs because their newest EP, Reckoning of Endal, just dropped. Make sure you check it out. If we know Slang Dogs, we know this EP is about to be nutty.

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