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Merry December or whatever they call it. Acrillics is hosting a live stream this Friday on Electric Hawk’s twitch! The International duo has been heating up the Drum & Bass and Trap scenes with impressive releases on Mad Zoo, Electric Hawk, Tribal Trap, and Noiseporn. Now, they’re bringing their impressive sound back to Electric Hawk–and they ain’t alone.


Along with their talented butts, Acrillics is bringing along a Christmas list full of artists. 

If DnB or Trap is on your wishlist, Santa is gonna deliver you the goods. The special guest, Rohaan, is the international bad boy of the bunch. He’s got a drum and bass blaster and he’s not afraid to use it. Have you heard of Neo-Trap? Anti. is the daddy of Neo-Trap and his music is the gift that keeps on giving. You want more trap? Ashez is loaded with an arsenal of trap music along with some experimental and drum and bass bops. The Spoopy Pups, AKA Slang Dogs, will turn the night on its head with their dark and devilish sounds. We Rose will flip it back around with their beautifully made trap tunes and remixes. And speaking of gorgeous, our neighbor to the north Zeal puts the P in pretty as he is pretty fantastic at making Drum and bass music.

Get your !beak ready and make sure you !hydrate in preparation for this weekend. We’ll see you in the chat!

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