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Adding her name to the list of badass women of SSKWAN is Redrum. Yep, our beloved In Unity compilation artist has cast her spell on Liquid Stranger’s downtempo imprint and now calls it home to her upcoming Pisces Moon EP. The first look into Redrum’s debut EP, “Phases,” has arrived and we have an exclusive Electric Hawk premiere for you!

Redrum Phases
Redrum “Phases” Artwork

Just like the moon, we all go through changes in life, and with “Phases” Redrum emulates those ebbs and flows!

Clearly riding a high after her Subsidia collab with Brunchbeatz, “Souffle,” Redrum has thoroughly impressed us once again. “Phases” is a bubbly, yet mysterious track that will bewitch you from the first listen. Layers of texturized sound design float along the track while hypnotic vocal samples breathe life throughout it. The passion and energy Redrum put into “Phases” is crystal clear.

The process of writing “Phases” was about becoming comfortable with change and finding peace with the fact that nothing is permanent. The title draws inspiration from going through the process of accepting and finding beauty in the many phases of life and channeling that into this piece was very cathartic for me.


We are immensely proud of Redrum and her upward success with “Phases.” From performing on our Harmony Virtual Festivals to finding a home for her debut EP with SSKWAN, we will always be rooting for her. If you feel the same way, you can catch Redrum live at Forbidden Kingdom and Kosmic Kingdom this summer!

Stream Redrum’s “Phases” here and stay on the lookout for her Pisces Moon EP due this summer on SSKWAN!

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