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Giving us the ultimate ~we’re back bitches…~ Purity Ring has returned with a new album, WOMB. It’s been five long years of waiting between their 2015 release of another eternity. Finally, the synth-pop duo is back and has made the wait worth it. It’s safe to say this album is the sole reason we’re crying in the club (house) this weekend.

Canadian-based Purity Ring are pros at producing critically acclaimed albums. After one listen of WOMB it’s safe to say it’ll be joining that list. Back in February, Purity Ring returned to socials to announce the new album, tour, and their first single. Needless to say, fans lost their minds.

From start to finish… *chefs kiss*

It’s rare that there’s an album I’ll listen to front to back without an urge to skip at least one track. WOMB did not have a single song I wouldn’t hit repeat on. An absolute ethereal listening experience, to say the least. A number of singles were dropped leading up to the album starting with “stardew.” This track features beautiful percussions, dreamlike vocals, and a contagious melody.

Along with the next set of singles was “pink lightning” (I’m making extra note of this song because I. am. in. love.) The style and sound design on this track is so unique, with absolutely poetic lyrics.

WOMB has received mass praise from listeners, rightfully so. We encourage everyone, if you haven’t yet, to light a few candles, open up your windows and take 36 minutes out of your day to listen to this album in its entirety.

tour de la womb

Purity Ring was scheduled to hit the road this May-June. With all the craziness in the world, those dates have been moved to the fall. The duo voiced how excited they were to tour, and that they can’t wait to perform this album live once it’s safe to.

Do what’s best for you, and stream WOMB now.

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